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Monday, 28 June 2010

26th June 10

I'm terrible at naming mashups, and this could have so easily ended up as Dayvan Love Museum, which would have been awful.

Instead, I've simply given it the title of the date when the two things that inspired this track happened. One being Muse playing a storming headline set at Glastonbury, the other being something else. And the pairing has so many hidden layers of meaning, it's ridiculous.

This one's for the eternally-lovely LAS and her frost-covered landscapes as she journeys by coach

26th June 10

Boards of Canada - Dayvan Cowboy
Muse - Muscle Museum

Maybe something more upbeat will come along one day!

Sunday, 27 June 2010

Summer Booty 2010 / Breezin' On

Another month, another Colatron contribution to a compilation. This time, it's the magnificently sunny Summer Booty 2010 compilation as compiled and mastered by the wonderful DJ Useo.

Breezin' On

George Benson - Breezin'
Erykah Badu - On & On

And be sure to download all 3 discs of summer goodness at

Everybody loves the sunshine :D

Sunday, 20 June 2010

My Own Strange Love

Here's something I had left over on the PC from working on the Physics Disco, when the mix was a very different creature indeed (i.e. NO dubstep). Inspired by the mighty Flying White Dots himself.

My Own Strange Love

M83 - My Own Strange Path
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

**Wipes eye.....sniff**

Lectroset - The Reborn Identity

If you listen to only one mix this year, make it this one - my friend The Reborn Identity takes the electro-ball and knocks it WAY out of the park with this freshly original, crisp and vibrant 30 minute slice of mashup perfection. Awesome work Gav

The Reborn Identity - Lectroset