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Monday, 19 November 2012


Watch an amazing movie... fall in love with the soundtrack... feel moved to whip up a brooding mash for the lonely souls of the night whom like to Drive....


Kavinsky - Nightcall
UNKLE feat. Richard Ashcroft - Lonely Soul
Taste Tester - Flaccid Acid
Kavinsky - Nightcall (keysersozeh acoustic remake)

Download/preview from

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Slight Return

The one that took too long...

Nearly 12 months ago, I said I'd never do this again. I didn't have the time, the energy, nor the sources. Then nearly 8 months ago, I got drunk. And it made sense. I felt I'd short-changed you with the Death of the full-length CLT mix following the Last Dance.

But 8 months is a long time, and this year, a busy time. So this very nearly didn't see the light of day. But then hearing so many people whipping up Skrillex mashes, 95% falling in the what I would call "mashing for mashing's sake" category, I couldn't let it lie.

And so for one night, and one night only - this is the CLT mix's swansong... there won't be another like this. It is... a Slight Return.

For the Reborn Identity, Fissunix, Bynar, thanks to Sadie and Alan for the use of their voicemails and of course, Patricia
Andy - 6th Nov 2012

Download a split-track RAR with full tracklistings and alternative art (135MB) from

Slight Return RAR file

Or download/preview here at Soundcloud


Slight Return

thanvannispen - Windy Breath Long []
thanvannispen - Breath Comp Piece 2 []
cyril-laurier - Wind []
The Crow: City of Angels [2006] (sample)
Fetal Pulse - Agua
Burial - Wounder
Harold Budd and Brian Eno - Lost In The Humming Air
Burial - Ghost Hardware
Day of the Dead [1986] (sample)
Burial - Speedball2
morganti - There Is No God Whisper []
John Lennon - Central Park Stroll (sample)
Clint Mansell - Last Man
Radio 4 broadcast (sample)
UNKLE - Main Theme

Eight Truths

Truth - Direct Blow
Chew Lips - Eight
The Crow: City of Angels [2006] (sample)

My Manifesto

Katy B - Katy On A Mission
UNKLE - Back and Forth
Alan Black (sample)
Nickleback - Rockstar
MRK1 - Digital Orient

Dream Big

Chase & Status - Midnight Caller
Billy Joel - Big Shot
Benga - Dubstep Dreams
Sluggo & Bro Safari - Reckless
Henry Rollins - On the state of music today (sample)

Leave a Message

Sadie P (sample)
Pidgin - voicemail []
Chase & Status - Midnight Caller
Morcheeba feat. Thomas Dybdahl - Sleep On It

Delight in Defeat

Leon: The Professional [1994] (sample)
Distance - Delight
REM - The One I Love

A Moment of Nostalgia

Temper Trap - Sweet Disposition
Nostalgia - Stop Killing Them
Zero G - Bass Culture

Fair to Middling

Fiction - Ice XV
Jimmy Eat World - The Middle
UNKLE - Main Theme

Is This Blood?

Deadmau5 - Bleed (Astrio remix)
Bob Marley - Is This Love

RocknRolla Star

RocknRolla (sample)
Cookie Monsta - Mosh Pit
Oasis - Rock n' Roll Star

Sexual Emotions

Leon: The Professional [1994] (sample)
MitiS - Written Emotions
Kings of Leon - Sex on Fire
Jesus Camp [2006] (sample)

Together We'll Jump

Emalkay - When I Look At you (SDUK remix)
Zedd - Shotgun (Victor Niglio remix)
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Under the Bridge
Casablanca [1942] (sample)

Levels of Deepness

Twin Peaks: Fire Walk With Me [1992] (sample)
Avicii - Levels (Eye Depth Chill Bootleg)
Amphix feat. Krishan Tanna - Deep Memories (Original Mix)
The Hours - Ali In The Jungle
Avicii - Levels

Radioactive Poisoning

Starfleet X-Bomber (Ep.11 – Farewell the Eternal Battlefield) [1980] (sample)
Atomic - Danger Zone
The Crow: City of Angels  [2006] (sample)
Escape From New York [1981] (sample)
Poison - Every Rose Has Its Thorn
Distance - Night Vision

Mr. Lightside

Blackmill - The Light
The Killers - Mr. Brightside
Leon: The Professional [1994] (sample)

Cold Skies

Jesus Camp [2006] (sample)
Skye - Fresh Air (CodeBlue remix)
Coldplay - Clocks
Bar 9 - Strung Out

To The Beat of My Drum

Neutralise - On My Own
Bar 9 - Strung Out
Morcheeba - Beat of the Drum
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise

Mission Complete

Message to Love [1997] (sample)
Yoko Shimura - Dearly Beloved (FRKNSTYN Remix)
Katy B - Katy On A Mission
Mt Eden Dubstep - Beautiful Lies

…And One Last Thing

king slaFF - One
Message to Love [1997] (sample)
The JVS Show with Jonathan Vernon-Smith, BBC Three Counties Radio (sample)
Day of the Dead [1986] (sample)
Jesus Camp [2006] (sample)
Burial - Endorphin
The Crow: City of Angels [2006] (sample)
Moon [2009] (sample)
Mt. Eden Dubstep - Beautiful Lies
Leon: The Professional [1994] (sample)
The Grey [2011] (sample)

Never again... or someone please take my PC off me.

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