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Monday, 26 December 2011

CLT's top 24 tracks of 2011

Yep, after years of reading everyone else's top 5/10/25 etc. lists of mashes for the year, I thought I'd give it a go myself.

Choosing any track for a list is always a tough call - this year there has been so many great tracks, it's nigh on impossible to remember them all, but those who know me know that I have my favourite producers, and my favourite styles of mashup.

However, I've tried to vary it up here and include some tracks that really were notable for their genius, production values, and outright sheer entertainment. As well as including my fave guys too (seriously, I could have just made this the Best of Reborn Identity/Fissunix/Mighty Mike/G3RSt post and pointed you to their websites - none of them made one bad track this year).

So sit back, turn up the speakers, and enjoy this - in no particular order, what I considered to be the best of a very good year. Cheers!


Killing Days - Florence & The Machine vs. Echo & The Bunnymen
Mr Rennell turned out what is quite possibly the most whistled in the office/car/shower mash of the year, taking two personal faves and making something so beautiful, it still shimmers all these months on.

G3RSt - Bootlegs and Mashups

We No Speak No Cantina - Meco (+ John Williams) vs. Yolanda Be Cool
Not only is the G-Man reknowned for his polished production and never-ending refreshingly unusual sources, he's also the king of bringing a smile to the face with a hint of cheeky comedy, and no more so than in this Dark Side banger

Groove Is Down the Road - Dee-Lite vs. Consumer Rapport
Ever the master of versatility, here's a huge slab of funk c/o cult fave movie The Wiz, given a full on party make-over with Dee-Lite on the vox

G3rst - groove is down the road by G3RSt


Super Jumper - ABBA vs. Van Halen
The first and the best of the many ABBA mashes that appeared this year, this is so simply yet beautifully done, it's going to be on many a playlist for parties for years to come, guaranteeing a damned fine sing song and air guitar performance.

Wax Audio

I'm In Love With Judas Priest - Lady Gaga vs. Judas Priest
The Greatest Living Mash-up producer returned this year with a track so polished (and clever!), it made both original tracks sound like 4-track demos. Tom Wax may not have released many tracks this year, but each and every track he does release continues to contain a level of professionalism we bedroom mashers can only dream of. And envy.

Lady Judas

Dylan Vasey Mashups

Enjoy the Smoothness - Sub Focus vs. Morcheeba (ft. Judy Tzuke) vs. Imogen Heap
One of the premier Mods over at Mashstix gave a few n00bs a lesson or 3 this year a year on how to make a track. 2 of my fave bands/artists meet the mighty liquid funk of Sub Focus, and the result is smooth chilled bliss n' bass.

Phil Retrospector

Warwick Ghetto - Elvis Presley vs. Duffy
The self-confessed melancholic and CLT hero returned this year with perhaps the most stunning use of Elvis Presley heard in a mash yet. Sublimely simple, but as with his amazingly simple yet beautiful hit last year, Chasing the Broken Hearted, sometimes, simplicity is the most complexly affecting.

Warwick Ghetto

Frail Limb Purity

Centrefold Rocketeer - J Geils Band vs. Far East Movement
Here's something so unexpected; where FLP got the acapella from, I'll never know, but the result is a pounding dancefloor singalong classic destined to go down as a memorable "Where the hell did that come from" moment in mashup lore.

Mashed and Confused

Only Your Heart - Elvis Presley vs. Blondie
MAC has been turning out many many spectacular pieces of pop mashing this year, but none got me quite like this one! It's the attention to detail on the placing of the Blondie vocals to give it that Social Club Lounge Band vibe that elevates this above many other Blondie mashes. Great mastery of the DAW, and yep - it's another stirling Elvis mash.


Cracked Obstacle - Interpol vs. The XX (Deep Focus Remix) vs. Freestylers (Flux Pavilion remix) vs. Artic Monkeys (Aems Dubstep Remix)
No one makes 'multi-mashes' quite like Bynar - eschewing the trend of bundling a bunch of acapellas that are in key together over a beat, Bynar composes a new arrangement out of loops, snippets of instrumental, ghostly vocals subtley hidden in the mix, etc. to create something quite extraordinary and dark. And here, he creates a virtual new track in my beloved luvstep genre. Spine-tingling.

CjR Mix

My Life Would Suck Without Someone Like You - Adele vs. Kelly Clarkson
Here in the list, because he paid me ;o)
After a year spent moaning about Adele mashes (I really cannot stand her) around the boards, and after having my ears syringed after hearing a million Rolling In the Deep mashes (seriously- the Rick Astley of 2011), only CjR could actually change my mind and make Adele an enjoyable listening experience. Pure pop gold

The Reborn Identity

Slick Empire - Chew Lips vs. Empire of the Sun
Seriously, where do you even begin with The Reborn Identity? It's no secret that he's my favourite producer EVER on the scene, and to boot, I'm glad to call him my friend. But he's made so many beautiful tracks this year, to choose just a couple almost feels like I'm doing him a disservice.
But I'll start with this beauty from the amazing Lectroset 2 mix album. Taking two of my favourite source files to work with, I'm gutted that I didn't do this one myself; it was one of those epiphanical moments where it was all so obvious to me upon hearing.
But to hear my beloved Chew Lips come in to the mix midway through the set was one of those once-heard never-forgotten standout moments for me in 2011. Simply brilliant.

Fearless - Bryan Ferry (w/Groove Armada) vs. Frankmusik vs. Fenech Soler
To choose one of the RI's electro bangers is nigh on impossible, especially when considering how many he made for Lectroset 2 (and of course, vol. 1 last year). I can't put my finger on why they are quite so irresistable - it's not my usual choice of genre for listening too, it's not quite bass heavy for me and a lot of the sources are unknown to me, but in his hands, they take on a new life that simply makes sense in the context of a mix. As a result, I've grown to fall in love with bands like Hurts, Yeasayer and Fenech Soler. That's why I love mashup - it expands your CD collection.
And Bryan Ferry never sounded so crucial.

Battlefield Damaris - Pat Benatar vs. Patrick Wolf vs. Fall Out Boy
Well, I had to include at least one of the RI's "verging on the orchestral symphonies of sound". And to hear the 80s classic brought up to date in this setting, making it still sound like it belongs on the soundtrack to a Jerry Bruckheimer blockbuster, is a treat for all lovers of music.

Cosmic Lifeforms - Florence & the Machine vs. Carbon Based Lifeforms
The one that did it for me; simply the most beautiful track I heard all year, and made even sweeter by the fact that RI made the acapella himself. Complex synths mixed with haunting vocals, what's not to love? So good, I had to re-make it and re-mash it myself in a dubstep stylee for The Last Dance. When you inspire me like that, you know you're one of the best musicians, let alone a mashup producer.

Mighty Mike

Eden Snow - Ludovico Einaudi vs. Snow Patrol vs. 30 Seconds to Mars
Ah, moving on to one of the most consistently brilliant producers of the last several years, Mighty Mike makes mashes of all genres perfectly, but this year he really pushed my ears (and mind, heart, body and soul) to their limit with his melancholic excursions in to the most beautiful of downtemp music.
Having used Ludovico Einaudi myself a couple of times, I truly appreciate the modern classicist's haunting compositions (anyone who's seen a Shane Meadows movie or TV show knows exactly how Ludovico can make you cry within 4 bars of his scores), and to layer his beautiful music here with the love songs of Snow Patrol is a masterstroke of genius. Brilliant from start to finish.

Sexy People - John Legend vs. Rod Stewart
It's no secret that I adore Rod Stewart. So to hear the legend here ironically with another Legend, in full on midnight crooning mode in a smoky bar in downtown Reno is a memorable moment in mash, and one that if I could sing, would be singing to my beloved Katie.

Colorblind's Worth It - Counting Crows vs. Buffalo Springfield
Sometimes in life, you hear a track that hits you firmly between the eyes and makes you cry/fall in love/question your place in the Universe. This is such a track. This is on the playlist for my funeral.


Heart Shaped Tron - Daft Punk vs. Nirvana
It's been the year of my friends in France for the most consistently perfect mashups in 2011, and none produced so many brilliant tracks as my friend Fissunix. Again, someone who dabbles in every conceivable genre from metal to electro, to acid to chillout, and again, he's someone that makes you question whether he has someone on the inside supplying him with these incredible source files to play with. Fissunix is simply put, incroyable!
This track is the first in a long, LONG time that actually made me enjoy Nirvana again. Welcome to the grid - welcome to the future of mash.

End of the Walrus - Daft Punk (Boy Genius remix) vs. The Beatles
Ah, the track that nearly began an internet war. This track will forever hold a special place in my heart as being the track that stirred mash producers everywhere in to standing up to the talentless purloining idiots everywhere that steal our hard work and post them as their own elsewhere on the Net. If you knew the full story of DJ Dark Temptation and the Occupy: the Dark Socks movement, then you'll know this was the soundtrack to the Revolution. And what a mighty fine soundtrack it was too.

Foxy Funky Lady - Jimi Hendrix vs. Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings
Sharon Jones & The Dap-Kings hold a special place in my heart. They were on the CLT/LAS make out playlist on Spotify many moons ago when Andy have love and fire in his belly. So it was a treat to hear them again here, with the legendary Hendrix tearing up a funky storm.
Prime objective for 2012:- to make out to a Fissunix track

Smoke On Babylon - Deep Purple vs. The Black Keys
Fissunix makes music to receive lap-dances to.
Real dirty rock n' roll with attitude - perfect music for a Friday night in the Mash Cave

Between Breath - The Police vs. Imogen Heap
Should any other proof be needed of why Fissunix was 2011's MVP when it came to turning his hand to any genre, here it is. The most compellingly lush version of Sting's ode to stalking that you will ever hear. All set against a beautiful Summer's day backdrop. Akin to drinking a drop of sunshine whilst floating upon a darkened cloud.
And the Justin Timberlake of mash, Colatron turns up for the party on here somewhere ;o)

Moonlight Sonata Mashed - Beethoven (Stirling Barnes remix) vs. Phoenix vs. Radiohead
This may be a little ego-centric of me, but this has to be posted in my run down. When Fissunix sent me a preview of a classical music based mash, asking me to loan my ears, and to add anything where fit, I knew I had to be involved in this incredible mashup.
Somehow, Fissunix's tracks invoke all kinds of imagery in my mind, love lost, dark emotions, serial killer tendancies, etc. etc. and so strong is the imagery, that it's rarely a struggle to seek out the perfect sample to accompany his compositions. This was such a track. The loneliness within the lyrics seemed to just scream washed up beaten down father begging for one last chance (cue The Wrestler), and with the morbid of howl of Thom Yorke buried deep down in the mix to add the final moribund touch, I knew we had something special here. And it seemed the people agreed!
An absolute honour and a pleasure to be involved in this, and so many of Fissunix's tracks in 2011. I look forward to seeing what he produces in 2012. Bonne santé mon ami!

So, that was the story of my 2011 musical journey. I hope you enjoyed the ride. If you liked what you heard and saw, please do support the guys by visiting their web pages and be sure to support the wealth of incredible original artists used in the tracks here.

Stick around, I may have a track or three for 2012. Thanks again to all the readers of this site, and my friends/fans on Facebook/Twitter for the continued support.

Have a great New Year everyone and see you real soon,

Andy 2011

Monday, 19 December 2011

Love Did Tear Us Apart

The most auto-biographical mash you'll ever get from me

Love Did Tear Us Apart

Nerina Pallot - Love Will Tear Us Apart
Joy Division - Love Will Tear Us Apart

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Trust In Humans

My early entry for the New Years Eve parties, and possibly the most happy/uplifting thing I've made all year. Kinda (in typical CLT style). Andy's Party Rock Anthem! ROFL....

Trust In Humans

Chase & Status - Blind Faith
The Killers - Human
Alicia Keys - Fallin'
Nero - Innocence

Preview/download from

Sunday, 20 November 2011

Jamie Swoon

Part-inspired by the Reborn Identity's "I Shoulda Been There" (cheers RI for the vocal!), part-inspired by Fissunix's magnificent use of Imogen in his "Between Breath" mash, part-inspired by my nickname for the maestro when I introduce his beautiful breath-taking music to various friends and family, and ALL inspired by Jamie himself.

Jamie Swoon

Jamie Woon - Shoulda
Imogen Heap - Swoon

Preview/download from

Dedicated to Ms. Sadie P and my beloved Hollybear

Thursday, 10 November 2011

Freedom Mac

Here's a quick n' easy track from me, a birthday present from myself to myself and anyone else who'd like to listen.

Featuring local girl done good, the sublime Clare Maguire (fun CLT trivia fact #74: it was listening to her album in the car one day that I came up with the title for CLT megamix The Last Dance), mixed with the equally sublime vocal talents of Stevie Nicks.

I'll meet you up the bar, mine's a glass of fizz....

Freedom Mac

Fleetwood Mac - Rhiannon
Clare Maguire - Freedom

Preview/download from

Wednesday, 2 November 2011

Is This Distance?

Following on from The Last Dance, here's the video and standalone track for a personal fave, inspired by future Mrs. Smarts, past, present and future...

Is This Distance?

Eleven8 - Colours of Distance
Datsik - Havoc
Bob Marley - Is This Love?

Preview/download from

Friday, 14 October 2011

The Last Dance

I'm sorry dear friends...I've been away for too long.

But I'm back with this - the final part in my mashstep trilogy which began with The Physics Disco (auto-biographical 'heartache and lost love'), continued with A Year In The Life (auto-biographical 'moving on') and now, The Last Dance - just mashing for the sheer love of it (with hidden auto-biographical subtext).

The usual Colatron experience, we begin with a journey through the Cosmos (hey Vrillon, it's been a while!), continuing via some blazing vocal pop, old skool 80s punk, electro-indie, 70s rock legends, contemporary electro-balladry, 60s love songs, serial killer song writing unexpectedness, 80s pioneers, sublime reggae, 80s unknowns turned rave legends, 60s pop princesses, cheesy Canadian diva-ship, indie shoulda-been-biggers, electronic pop warblers, legendary crooners remembered by my man David Lynch, 90s acoustic hair ballad purveyors, and finally a CLT sample frenzy with some old CLT standards meeting the guy that started the CLT revolution those couple of years ago. All mashed to a dubstep beat. Featuring my own take on my beloved Luvstep. With the usual sprinkling of CLT sampling extravagance.

There is only The Dance.

The Last Dance

The Opening Number

Starfleet X-Bomber (Episode 1 - Scramble X-Bomber) [1980]

Carl Sagan - Cosmos [1980]

Library Tapes - The Sound of Emptiness Part 1

Carbon Based Lifeforms - Polyrytmi

The Voice of Vrillon [1977]

Interview with WB Smith - September 6, 1957

Yuri Gagarin - Poehali! [1961]

Carl Sagan - God, the Universe, & Everything Else [1988]

Chase & Status (feat. Delilah) - Time

Cosmic Hearts
[CLT v. The Reborn Identity]
Carbon Based Lifeforms - Polyrytmi

and the Machine - Cosmic Love
and the Machine - Rabbit Heart (SLOF MAN Dubstep Mix 1)
Killing Time
Siouxie and the Banshees - The Killing Jar
Chase & Status (feat. Delilah) - Time
Dom Hz - Blue

Dance With The Devil
Fenech-Soler - Demons (Sigma Remix)
Fenech-Soler - Demons
Silent Hill [2006]

Feed Me - Blood Red (Original Mix)
Blue Oyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper
Magnetic Man - Anthem
DJ Shadow - In Tune and On Time (Live) [2004]

Chew & Status
Chase & Status - Saxon
Chew Lips - Gold Key

When I Luv You 2 Times
Starfleet X-Bomber (Episode 2 - Super Power Imperial Alliance Fleet) [1980]
Emalkay - When I Look At You
The Doors - Love Me Two Times
The King of Kong [2007]

Dark Nostalgia (Remembering My Life)
Drifta - Into the Dark
Dexter - Season 2 [2007]
Deadmau5 - I Remember (Caspa Remix)
Billy Joel - My Life

12 Again
Project Bassline - The Twelth Step
Eurythmics - 17 Again

Is This Distance?
Eleven8 - Colours of Distance
Datsik - Havoc
Bob Marley - Is This Love?
And There Will Be Blood [2007]

A Lesson In Luv
Tom Di Sapia - Northern Cry (Cottonmouth Dubstep Remix)
New York Dolls - Looking For A Kiss [1973]
The Korgis - Everybody's Got To Learn Sometimes

A Downtown Knees-Up
Tom Di Sapia - Northern Cry (Cottonmouth Dubstep Remix)
Skream - Pick Ya Knees Up
BBC Look East Report [unknown]
Petula Clarke - Downtown

The Dance Goes On
Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On
Vibez - I Want Breakfast (Audiak Remix)
Electronic Underground by Henry Hoffman [unknown]

The Silent Comeback
Xilent - Choose Me II
The Hours - Ali In The Jungle

Flux Pavilion - Bass Cannon (Zomboy Remix)
Star Fleet X-Bomber (Episode 11 - Farewell to the Eternal Battlefield) [1980]
Taken [2008]
La Roux - Bulletproof

Stick To The Kerb
Grifta - Curbside
The King of Kong [2007]
Angelo Badalamenti (feat. Jimmy Scott) - Sycamore Trees

This Is Distance?
Distance - Night Vision
Alan Black [2010]
Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Ital tek - Satellite

The Final Dance
Burial - In McDonalds
The King of Kong [2007]
BBC Look East Report [unknown]
Acclivity - School Playground [unknown]
One Hour Photo [2002]
Blade Runner [1982]
The Day The Earth Stood Still [1951]
Burial - Untrue
Library Tapes - Fragment V
Star Fleet X-Bomber (Episode 11 - Farewell the Eternal Battlefield) [1980]
Claire Maguire - This Is Not The End

Download the RAR file with all tracks, art and tracklisting from
The Last Dance

Or preview/download as single mixed MP3 at

As always, a huge thank you to the Reborn Identity for his inspiration and for allowing me to re-mash my fave track of the last 12 months, to Fissunix, LeeDM101 (yeah, you know I like you really!), Sam, Becky, DJ UMB, Kristin BassNinja (who's choices of tracks have seen me through many a glum night), my original muses Phil Retrospector and Flying White Dots (without whom I wouldn't be who I am today), Dirty Joe South & Flufftronix for providing inspirational mixes (that drive me on in the gym...when I do actually go), Scott J for his continued enthusiasm and love, Alan for (unknowingly) letting me record drunken voicemails, thus providing my fave sample of the year, all my friends, colleagues, idols and peers at both GYBO and Mashstix, and of course... that certain lil' redhead that captured my heart, took it all away, and inspired 17 months of great (I hope!) CLT tracks and mixes. Love ya maestro.

I promise you...this is not the end?

Monday, 1 August 2011

Starlights (video)

I absolutely love it when people enjoy my tracks so much, that they feel moved to make a video for them, so I'm absolutely stoked that the incredibly talented GRAPHIQ put this little beauty together for my Starlights mash (see below)...


Saturday, 30 July 2011


Why is it, whenever I think of she, I end up making a Muse mashup??


Ellie Goulding - Lights
Muse - Starlight
movie dialogue - The Straight Story [1999]


Big thanks to Dylan for the 'mental, and to Gav for the 'pella. And to she for the memories

Saturday, 9 July 2011

A quick word from our sponsors....

Hey Cola-fans,

I rarely post anything other than tunes or videos here (because after all, we're all here for the music are we not?), and I'm so not in to shameless self-promotion, but tonight's news has left me smiling...

Thanks to a great mashup of the week posting over at Popbytes from DJ Paul V Spins, I somehow have been blogged by the MTV Buzzworthy crew....

Seriously, I began this what 3 - 4 years ago? I was rubbish. I only started making decent-ish tunes maybe 2 years ago. I don't make popular mashes. I'm going to bed with a huge smile on my face.

Thanks to you all for the continuing support.

Yours truly,
Andy CLTLink

Thursday, 7 July 2011

Happiness Hurts

Sometimes, it pays not to become too happy in life

Happiness Hurts

Blow [2001] (movie dialogue)
Kasabian - Happiness
Christina Aguilera - Hurt
He's Just Not That Into You [2009] (movie dialogue)

Many thanks to for the fab artwork for the track. And a wallpaper (1680 x 1050 widescreen) is available for download



Thursday, 30 June 2011

More Than A Boy

I hate leaving things unfinished. This one began life some months back (end of last year? I can't remember now), but with only a DIY pella doing the rounds, I feared it would never see daylight.

Roll forwards several months... Beyonce delivers an AMAZING performance at this year's Glastonbury, and I around the same time, receive a little help from my friends (namely, The Reborn Identity) in supplying a vastly improved DIY.

That Holy Grail of the masher...a studio pella for the Beyonce track....still eludes us all, but hopefully this will keep you going for a while.

More Than A Boy

Beyonce - If I Were A Boy
Extreme - More Than Words

Coming next...more typical Colatron fare...

Friday, 24 June 2011

Love In The Asylum

No, not the band, nor the Dylan Thomas poem. No - this is inspired by a) seeing Kasabian in concert the other week and b) fortuitously finding a BUNCH of Kasabian instrumentals :)

Love In The Asylum

Kasabian - West Ryder Silver Bullet
Florence and the Machine - You've Got the Love

Plenty more to come in the next couple of weeks - keep 'em peeled Cola-fans!

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Summer Booty 2011

It's that time of year again when the Sun is high and the tunes chilled out - compilation maestro DJ Useo has once again gathered a bumper harvest of summer-based tunes from the likes of Solcofn, Chocomang, ToTom, DJ Zebra, mARKYbOY, rillen rudi, The Reborn Identity, Voicedude and many more. I'm on there too!

Revere the Ride

The Calling - Flowing Time
Ludovico Einaudi - Reverie
Morcheeba - Enjoy the Ride
and various summery samples

available for download exclusively on the 3-disc album at

You can preview the track here

Time to grab a dandelion and burdock, kick back and chill in the sun

Sunday, 12 June 2011

Every Rose Needs Salvation

Time for me to head back to my beloved mash-step with a classic sing-a-along...

Every Rose Needs Salvation

Poison - Every Rose Has It's Thorn
Apotheist - Salvation

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Fissunix & Colatron - Moonlight Sonata Mashed

Here's a rare treat for you all!

It's not often that I get involved in collaborations - I enjoy the idea, but in practice it can be quite challenging to organise and keep all those different ideas in check and as one cohesive track, especially when communicating around the globe with all those talented producers.

However, on receiving a request from top French masher Fissunix to contribute to his new idea for a Beethoven-based mash, I just couldn't say no. Especially since he's in my top 5 producers of the moment... :)

So, here it is - the result of our combined efforts (though in truth, my part is small!)....

Moonlight Sonata Mashed

The Wrestler (movie dialogue)
Beethoven - Moonlight Sonata (Sterling Barnes remix)
Phoenix - Everything is Everything
Radiohead - Nude

MP3 Direct Download

MP3+Cover Art (RAR)

And of course, please do go and check out all of the other tracks from Fissunix (he really is one of the best!) at his website

Friday, 20 May 2011

Enjoy the Silents

Or "Silent Night (Unholy Night)" to give it an alternative title.

I've hit a dry patch lately - despite all the generous help and donations from friends and peers, I've just been struggling to put anything with half a melody together. It happens. Fortunately, a couple of Youtube views reminded me of a wonderful batch of Morcheeba acapellas I have via The Reborn Identity. One night later and I unfortunately have 5 options for the same vocal. Life can be funny that way.

So, what's a guy to do? Put a question out on Facebook. I liked the answer, but whilst my head said go with the balearic chill (don't worry voters - it WILL appear at some point in the next month, I'm sure), my heart said sparse piano with the first clever title I've come up with in maybe 2 years or more.

So here it is - a nightmare ride through survival horror classic gaming, with a last minute addition of a brilliant d'n'b remix of one of the all time classic dubstep tunes (and lord knows, I've been itching to complete a d'n'b mash for some time now). When the siren's time to hide.

Enjoy The Silents

Akira Yamaoka - Theme of Laura (reprise) [from console game Silent Hill 2]
Morcheeba - Enjoy the Ride
Benga and Coki - Night (Breakage and Shy FX - Digital Soundboy Mix)
various samples from Silent Hill 2 and Silent Hill: The Movie

Pyramid Head owes me a beer....

Sunday, 15 May 2011

Hang Me Out To Die (video)

I'm still struggling to finish a tune at the moment folks (Masher's Block is rife), so to keep you ticking over in the meantime, here's another video, for an old personal fave of mine - the wistfully nostalgic "Hang Me Out To Die"

Hang Me Out To Die

Kasabian - British Legion
Cold War Kids - Hang Me Up To Dry

Audio available from

Or elsewhere on the blog (Dec 09 as I recall)

Enjoy the happier times in life!

Tuesday, 26 April 2011

Icarus (video)

Time for some visuals again...this time for my musical history lesson from last year's Chillax compilation


Flex Blur - Fly Me Above The Sea
Chew Lip - Slick
excerpts from Jim Henson's "The Story-Teller"

Audio available over at Soundcloud

Monday, 25 April 2011

The 3rd World: The Annual Genre-Smashed Compilation

It's that time of year again, when the mash-world pulls together at the request of the indomitable Envision to contribute to his genre-smashing compilation.

This year, sees an incredible 40+ tracks from the likes of G3RSt, LeeDM101, Mash2mix, Voicedude, GaraGara, mARKYbOY, Marc Johnce, The Reborn Identity, Fissunix, Dylan Vasey, Mighty Mike, g4gorilla, CjR Mix, Dan Mei, Envision himself, and many many more. And me.

Seriously big effort on everyone's part, and Envision has put together one heck of a website this year, so be sure to head over and download - it's free folks! There's plenty of amazing videos to marvel at too.

The 3rd World

Monday, 18 April 2011

Wayfaring Passenger

So, today sees the release of hotly anticipated album, Jamie Woon - Mirrorwriting - and after a fantastic Jamie Woon mashup last week by The Reborn Identity, I thought what better way to celebrate a great day for music than to make my own darkly neurotic, serial killer-edged Jamie mashup featuring Brazil's finest, and TV's most dementedly heroic.

Wayfaring Passenger

Amon Tobin - Yasawas
Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger
Dexter - "Dark Passenger" monologue sample

Burl Ives' approves...

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

We Still Miss You (with the Reborn Identity)

So, sometime last year, my great friend (and unofficial partner in music) The Reborn Identity made an incredible track, the sublime I've Never Missed You, featuring Trentemøller vs. Charlene. Inspired, I had to have a go myself, which resulted in my own take with Imogen Heap, Someone's Missing which was very well received in turn.

Well, a few months on, and thanks to my friends at Generation Bass, I stumbled across an incredible, broken future-dubstep remix of the Trentemøller track, which was just too good to pass up.

And so here, for a treat, both the Reborn Identity and I have clubbed together to remake our respective tracks for this special double pack download

We Still Miss You

Track 1
Colatron - Someone's Still Missing

Trentemøller - Miss You (Cubism Remix)
Imogen Heap - Headlock
Vangelis - Rachael's Song
Burial - Stolen Dog (sample)
Burial - Etched Headplate (sample)
Trentemøller - Miss You

Track 2
The Reborn Identity - I've Still Never Missed You

Trentemøller - Miss You (Cubism Remix)
Charlene - I've Never Been To Me
Burial - Untitled
Akira Yamaoka - Ghost Town

Available to download as a zipped RAR file

Right-click, save
We Still Miss You

Monday, 28 March 2011

Bite Lip

I'm all for recycling, the eco-friendly chap that I am, so here's some of my fave source files recycled in a new light. And yes, if you hadn't guessed, Slick is one of my favourite songs of the last 10 years...

Title? 3 reasons. 1) I'm rubbishing at thinking of titles. 2) It's slightly 'harder' than chewing your lip, and 3) I've bit my lip for the last 12.5 months in more ways than one.

Bite Lip

Chew Lips - Slick
Yeah Yeah Yeahs - Maps

And in case you were wondering, that is indeed a mannequin head, with hot lips grafted on via Photoshop.

New source material on the way!

Tuesday, 22 March 2011


Celebrating 12 months....


Antony and the Johnsons - Dust and Water
Clint Mansell - First Snow
feat. Denzil Washington - The Book of Eli (movie dialogue) [2010]

Thursday, 17 March 2011

Run Rabbit Run

The evil that men do

Run Rabbit Run

Caspa - Riot Powder Intro
Skream - Arola
UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights
Charlie Chaplin - The Great Dictator (movie dialogue) [1940]

Saturday, 5 March 2011

If You're Not In Tokyo (the video)

Well, thanks to my good friend, The Reborn Identity, I've taken the plunge and had a go at making my own video for one of my favourite, most personal mashups I made in 2010.

The intertwining tales of Daniel Bedingfield, a lonely Stormtrooper and crazy annihilist running rampant in Tokyo come together to pay tribute to a love lost.

If You're Not In Tokyo

Magnetic Man - Flying Into Tokyo
Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One
Tokyo! (movie dialogue) [2008]
Magnetic Man - Anthemic (sample)

Tokyo Dance Trooper
Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One (US video)
Tokyo! The Movie
miscellaneous footage taken from arond Tokyo
home video - 5th November 2009

Video can be downloaded at

Thursday, 17 February 2011

Jumpin' Mack Flash

This week, I have mainly being throwing swinging happenings for all the lovedup groove cats, surrounded by lava lamps and incense burners

Jumpin' Mack Flash

Ananda Shankar - Jumpin' Jack Flash
Martha and the Vandellas - Jimmy Mack

with additional stereoscopic sound FX from me!

Sunday, 13 February 2011

Some Old Mamie

Something a little different from me this weekend. The other day I stumbled across a downtempo mix from ace electronica star Eskmo, and the opening track was a jaw-dropping group acapella prison song from around 1947-'48, called "Old Dollar Mamie".

Having to know more, after a bit of research, I dug out a couple of albums from the marvellous Alan Lomax Collection including the album I was after for this track, "Prison Songs vol.1 - A Murderous Home". There really are some stunning songs on there, so be sure to check it out if you can.

In the meantime, me being me....I couldn't leave well alone...

Some Old Mamie

Alan Lomax presents "22" & Group - Old Dollar Mamie
Goldfrapp - Some People


And if you're wondering, yes - the artwork is 50s sex bomb Mamie Von Doren, grafted on to Alison Goldfrapp's you do...

Saturday, 5 February 2011

Dressed To Fight

Taken from last year's biographical mix album, here's the cautionary tale of walking home late through Birmingham City Centre drunk after a Soni Quella gig, and being approached by 3 lads with ill intentions....

Dressed To Fight

Boy Crisis - Dressed To Digress (Nero remix)
Elton John - Saturday Night
Fight Club (movie dialogue) [1999]

Now with fight-tastic video from my good friend The Reborn Identity

At least this night, I got my spare keys back through one means or another...

Wednesday, 2 February 2011

In Munich We Will Live Forever

Editors hold a very special place in my musical heart - back in 2005, the band were based in my very own home, Birmingham, and were relentlessly gigging around the area. I was fortunate to get to see them (the first of many times) at Birmingham's legendary flea pit of a venue - the Flapper, down on the canal. The stage itself is in the basement, and was probably never designed to hold more than 150 people.

Well, this was a free gig (!) and I'd say there were closer 500 people there, crammed in (and out) of the main room, trying to catch a glimpse of the next big thing. Wedged right in at the back, being irritated in debate with a so called comics expert, and charmed by a lovely young couple (the boyfriend a DJ no less), Editors instantly blew me away with their uptempo Joy Division meanderings. And Munich was the standout track.

Fast forward 6 years - now I'm the DJ (!!), and Munich remains one of my favourite songs from the '00s. So I leapt at the chance to mash this track when the mighty Dunproofin posted the stems on mashers' fave GYBO.

With more than a passing nod to my beloved Phil Retrospector, I present:

In Munich We Will Live Forever

Doris Days - To Ulrike M (sample)
Clint Mansell - Together We Will Live Forever
Editors - Munich

Saturday, 22 January 2011

Mashnetic Man - EP

Following on from A Year in the Life, and back on the mashstep, here's my little tribute EP to my favourite act of 2010, the incredible Magnetic Man

Mashnetic Man EP

If You're Not In Tokyo

Magnetic Man - Flying Into Tokyo
Daniel Beddingfield - If You're Not The One
Tokyo! (movie dialogue) [2008]
Magnetic Man - Anthemic (sample)

I Need People

Magnetic Man - I Need Air
Soylent Green (movie dialogue) [1973]
Empire of the Sun - We Are The People

Don't Fear the Anthem

Magnetic Man - Anthemic
Blue Öyster Cult - Don't Fear the Reaper
The Zombies - She's Not There

Boiling Elton

Magnetic Man - Boiling Water
Elton John - Your Song

Trouble Sleeping

Faithless - Insomnia
Magnetic Man - Box of Ghosts
Magnetic Man - MAD
Morcheeba - Sleep

Getting Somewhere

Magnetic Man (feat. John Legend) - Getting Nowhere
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Freebird
Allen Collins (interview) [1980]

All tracks within the following RAR file

Right-click save:
Mashnetic Man

Busy start to the year, but much more to follow. Keep 'em peeled folks!

Thursday, 13 January 2011

Just The Prayer You Are

Because every mash-up producer should have at least one slab of cheese in their portfolio....

2 pop mashes in 1 week. I apologise. Please remain calm. Normal service will be resumed shortly ;)

Just The Prayer You Are

Duran Duran - Save A Prayer
Bruno Mars - Just The Way You Are


Monday, 10 January 2011

Missing On The Dock Of The Bay

Just testing if I can still make pop mashes. T'would appear not :/

Missing On The Dock Of The Bay

The Saturdays - Missing You
Otis Redding - (Sittin' On) The Dock Of The Bay


Bigger and better to follow....promise...