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Sunday, 26 October 2014

Something Borrowed Something New / In Love, Engaged, Mashied

So a couple of months ago I was honoured to be invited by my friends Franzi and Egor to contribute to something a bit special - a wedding gift CD they'd thought up for the legendary DJ Morgoth to present him with on the occasion of his marriage to his beautiful new wife.

As per many times in my mashie career over the years, when stumped for inspiration, I turn to the Royal Family...

Bringing the Bride's POV to the fore, here's the tale of the Big Day and what it must be like to look up at the guy you want to be with forever.

Something Borrowed Something New

Emeli Sandé - Next to Me
Four Tet - Slow Jam
sample from The Royal Wedding of Prince William and Catherine Middleton
+ various additional sound FX

And be sure to grab the album too, as so proudly posted by Morgoth on his Mash-Up Your Bootz Party Sampler page.

01. DJ Schmolli - Heart Of Glass [Linkin Park vs. Céline Dion]
02. Ed Home - In The End I Wanna Marry You [Tim Bendzko vs. Bruno Mars vs. Linkin Park vs. Brandon Reilly]
03. DJ Sunsite - A Sky Full Of My Love (DJ Morgoth´s Wedding March) [Double Deejays vs. Justin Timberlake vs. Katy Perry vs. Coldplay]
04. DJs From Mars - Crazy Wife [Beyoncé vs. Anouk]
05. The Homogenic Chaos - Wake Me Beautiful Up [Lana Del Rey vs. Avicii feat. Aloe Blacc]
06. DJ M.i.F - Faster Wedding [Within Temptation vs. Billy Idol]
07. Rems 79' - We will rock us [Mackelmore feat. Ryan Lewis vs. Queen]
08. Kill_mR_DJ - Hall of Angry Lights [The Script vs. Oasis vs. Bruno Mars]
09. Colatron - Something Borrowed Something New [Emeli Sandé vs. Four Tet vs. The Royal Wedding]
10. Robin Skouteris - We Found Marriage [Rihanna vs. Bruno Mars vs. Colbie Caillat vs. Ellie Goulding]
11. Fissunix - The One And Only Faithful Man [Lee Fields vs. Adele]
12. Nerd Kinski - OMG VICTIMIZED [Materia vs. Linkin Park]
13. Smith & Smart - Alt Und Unbekannt

Grab the album from here:

Congrats André and Steffi!

Wisconsin Grammar

The one I made a while back when you couldn't actually see what I was making (unless of course, you know me, follow me on Facebook/Twitter, or just live on my Soundcloud).

The one I wish I'd made for BIMA - Bon Iver Mashup Album if I'd had the vocal at the time; it's two of my fave tracks of the last 5 years in one convenient mashup. I may not do it so often now, but when I do it, I make it count :)

Wisconsin Grammar

Bon Iver - Perth
London Grammar - Hey Now
Bon Iver - Perth (JacM Chillstep remix)


A Public Service Announcement

If you're reading this, congratulations - you found me!

I owe you an apology Cola-fans; long story short I messed up with transferring the .com domain across to a host that I work with on a daily basis after the old host got bought out by a CP that I don't work with and whilst I'm working on getting the .com back, it's going to be some time.

So hopefully, you've found me via the I've set up and the Cola-legend lives on.

I also owe you an apology as I'm painfully aware that my output this year has lapsed somewhat. Hopefully this is just a blip whilst I find some new inspiration, but either way, this site lives on, if only as a historical record of my blithering evolution from simple hobbiest to biographical masher supreme to the dude who wants to make you cry.

Stick with me Cola-fans! I'm hopefully coming back!