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Sunday, 23 February 2014

Searching For The Lights

Something quick and easy from me Cola-fans, to warm you all up for the Springtime.

No apologies for me using my beloved Ellie Goulding again; there's a reason why she won a Brit award this week (she's FAB!). And certainly no apologies for using Speech Debelle - if you don't know her amazing body of work, please do go seek her out - again, there's a reason she won the Mercury Music Award a few years back (and did very well on Celebrity Masterchef too as I recall).

Warm, melancholia for the lovers of beats.

Searching For The Lights

Speech Debelle - Searching
Ellie Goulding - Lights

Saturday, 8 February 2014

COMA: Cinematic Orchestra Mashup Album

So after 8 months work, it gives me great pleasure to post this - possibly the most beautiful thing I've ever had the pleasure and good fortune to be involved with.

Following the fun and success of last year's BIMA: Bon Iver Mashup Album , my good friend SpareElbowSkin had the excellent idea to produce a sequel of sorts, this time based upon our shared love of the magnificent Cinematic Orchestra.

If you're not familiar (pun intended) with their amazing, lush and shimmering body of work, I strongly recommend you seek out their discography asap!

So, available in two formats:

Firstly, the way the album is intended for listening pleasure - a full-length continuous mix format with additional ambience, intro and outro. Perfect for listening in a semi-lit room over the headphones, with a glass of red and the wind and rain coming down outside.

COMA: Cinematic Orchestra Mashup Album (Comatose Mix)

Secondly, all individual tracks:

COMA: Cinematic Orchestra Mashup Album

If you enjoy what we've done here, don't be shy - pop along to the Facebook album page and show some love!

And if you are kind enough to share anywhere on Social Media, be sure to use the #COMA tag!


00:00 Prelude

00:52 The Birdhouse - Colatron
The Cinematic Orchestra - That Home
Birdy - Skinny Love

02:47 I'm Not Familiar - SpareElbowSkin
The Cinematic Orchestra - Familiar Ground
Marina & The Diamonds - I Am Not A Robot
Additional Instrumentation - SpareElbowSkin

07:46 Opening Futures - SpareElbowSkin
The Cinematic Orchestra - Opening Titles (from The Crimson Wing)
Zero 7 - Futures
Audio extract from an interview with Colonel Paul Tibbets, pilot of the Enola Gay

10:50 Dust and Water and Relax - Colatron
The Cinematic Orchestra - And Relax!
Antony and the Johnsons - Dust and Water
Groove Armada (ft. Bryan Ferry) - Shameless (piano and backing vocal parts)

15:59 Pourquoi Entre Les Actes? - SpareElbowSkin
The Cinematic Orchestra - Entracte (Extract - SpareElbowSkin Edit)
Norah Jones - Don't Know Why
Additional Instrumentation - SpareElbowSkin

19:37 Alone With You At Dawn - Colatron
The Cinematic Orchestra - Dawn
Adele - Lovesong
Akira Yamaoka - Lost Carol
The Cinematic Orchestra - The Awakening of a Woman (Burnout)

25:30 Breathe [Shine] - SpareElbowSkin
The Cinematic Orchestra - Breathe
John Legend - Shine

31:17 To Build A Rainbow - Colatron
The Cinematic Orchestra - To Build A Home
LeAnn Rimes - Over The Rainbow
Simon Lubkowski - To Build A Home (The Cinematic Orchestra acapella cover)

34:54 Postlude

A big BIG thank you to my old friend Rachel Juggins for allowing us to use one of her fantastic photos for the album cover art. Please give her some love over at

Big thanks also to the guys who showed an interest in taking part in this - love you all.

And of course, finally, big thanks to SpareElbowSkin himself, who drove this on and inspired me to try and match the quality of tracks he was creating as the project progressed. Love you mate.

So enjoy good Cola-fans!

Until next time, peace

Sunday, 2 February 2014

COMA: Cinematic Orchestra Mashup Album (teaser)

Coming soon:

COMA: Cinematic Orchestra Mashup Album

Feat. Birdy, Marina & the Diamonds, Zero 7, Antony and the Johnsons, Groove Armada, Norah Jones, Adele, Akira Yamaoka, John Legend, LeAnn Rimes, Simon Lubkowski.... and the Cinematic Orchestra.

A collaboration between Colatron and SpareElbowSkin

Cover art image c/o Rachel Juggins Photography

Be sure to like the Facebook page to receive more information and the album itself, in both mix format and single track playlist. And spread the word on every social media platform you can find with #COMA