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Monday, 21 July 2014

Wish You Were Home

It's coming in to Wedding season, and when my good Facebook buddy Brian comes a-knockin' for a favour, I'm always happy to help. When Brian did me the honour of asking me to make a track for the forthcoming wedding of his daughter Emily, I couldn't say no. So this is what I came up with.

One of my all time favourite tracks, full of pathos, with a little help from the biggest crooner on the planet, combining to create a track for the lovers, whether they be together and singing to one another, or to those lovers a million miles apart that are longing for each other. Sing it down the phone, sing it face to face. But however you sing it, sing it with love.

Have a fantastic day Emily.

Wish You Were Home

Pink Floyd - Wish You Were Here
Michael Bublé - Home

Chopping onions.

Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Ladies and Gentlemen

Here's a rare Colatron track made for the sake of being made! Nothing clever or deep about this one, save for maybe the title...

Featuring my beloved Jamie Woon (oh how I long for a second album!) and the original soul daddy, Stevie Wonder, here's a little something to keep you ticking over whilst I work on a couple of favours for some mates. Enjoy!

Ladies and Gentlemen

Jamie Woon - Lady Luck
Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke

Apologies in advance for the roughness and dodgy artwork, I was in a rush to get this one out ;)

See you soon!
Andy CLT

Whole Lotta Bass

The one I forgot to post!

Created for the excellent Mash of the Titans 3 album, this is what happens when John Bonham plays overtime, whilst John Paul Jones throws down some wuuuuub, all the while Page and Plant start 'steppin like their lives depend upon it.

Whole Lotta Bass

Led Zeppelin - Whole Lotta Love
The Funk Hunters ft. SkiiTour - Whole Lotta Drop

Rock n' roller

Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mellow Tron

Posted elsewhere on these pages, here's the Soundcloud link for my contribution to my mates', Tiger Mendoza's, wonderful remix project for their Monsters and Miracles album.

Based around their doom-laden apocalyptic track "Mellotron", I've been a naughty boy and completely turned it upside down, making it quite the upbeat indie dancefloor filler (hopefully), whilst retaining a touch of melancholia via Coventry's own urban Poet Laureate, the mighty Ghostpoet.

And going against type, it's a bit of a multi-mash (of sorts!). Let it never be said I'm not versatile ;)

Mellow Tron

Tiger Mendoza - Mellotron
Ghostpoet - Meltdown (ft. Woodpecker Wooliams)
Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (drum sample)
Bon Iver - Wash (strings)
Pendulum - The Island (claps)

Still playing catch up for the year Cola-fans, but I promise there are new stuffs in the pipeline - stick with me!


Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Mash of the Titans 3

It's that time of year again when the super-awesome Panos T gathers forth the Pantheon of the Mashie Gods and releases the Mash Kraken upon the world - yes, it's time once more for Mash of the Titans!

Featuring 19 tracks from some of the world's greatest mashup producers (last time I checked, we had a good couple of million plays on Last FM between us, let alone on Soundcloud, Youtube, etc.). the album is now available to download c/o my good mates at, and it's a BANGER of an album!

And of course, I may or may not be on there with a classic rock d'n'b roller ;)

Follow the link to:

for the download links, crank up the speakers, and have a mental picture of me in a swords and sandals epic as a more beardy Harry Hamlin with a sparkly Pegasus as a pet.


01. Dylan Vasey – Bday Again [Katy Perry / Nerva / Avicii]
02. DJ Schmolli – Smells Like Jealousy [Nirvana / Cromeo]
03. DJ Ryson – Can’t Forget Radioactive Horse [Katy Perry / Shakira / Rihanna / Imagine Dragons]
04. 2Loud – Lowdown Paranoid Disposition [Vicetone / The Temper Trap / Plissken]
05. DJ’s From Mars – Dare You To Stampede All Night [Icona Pop / Dimitri Vegas / Hardwell]
06. V.Sigma – Bad Commander [David Guetta / Kelly Rowland / Hardwell / Neon Jungle]
07. Kill_mR_DJ – Catch The Life’s Horse [Armin Van Buuren / Zedd / Katy Perry / Kosheen]
08. Robin Skouteris – Fade To Love [Visage / Space / Hurts / Pet Shop Boys]
09. Lobsterdust – Partition Glow [Beyonce / Brothertiger]
10. Mashup Bambi – Blinded G.U.Y. [Lady Gaga / Blizkids / Simon Curtis]
11. Discosid – I Heard You’re Changing Baby [Fau & Wad Ad / Groove Armada / Marvin Gaye]
12. Pat Scott – Love To Blow You Baby [Donna Summer / Beyonce / Madonna / Kesha]
13. Jarod Ripley – Calling All Blue Hearts [Kylie Minogue / DJ Cassidy]
14. Titus Jones – My Love Will Be Wild [Justin Timberlake / Britney Spears / Pitbull / Taylor Swift / Rihanna / Maroon 5]
15. Colatron – Whole Lotta Bass [Led Zeppelin / The Funk Hunters]
16. Mashup-Germany - Shout Roar in Echt [Katy Perry / Michael Jackson / Tears For Fears / Echt]
17. Mr.K! – Wrecking Me [Miley Cyrus / Katy Perry]
18. MashMike – My Titanium Love [David Guetta / Route 94]
19. Cosmic Dawn – Naughty Euphorian Allstars [Loreen / Rihanna / Naughty Boy / Alicia Keys / Demi Lovato]