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Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Mashup Culture vol. 2 - compilation

OK - another massive treat for all you mashup fans. Today sees the release of the summer-tastic sequel to this year's Mashup Culture compilation album from the boys at Featuring a multitude of some of the biggest name producers on the scene including

Fissunix, Elocnep, Laura B, Amoraboy, DJ Schmolli, ComaR, DeeM, DJ MagicBaron, ViC, Jarod Ripley, Basic Physics, MashMike, ToTom, Chocomang, DJ Athom, DJ's From Mars, DRA'man, Kellys Sevlac, KrazyBen, Mighty Mike, The Bootleague, Sebwax and the legendary Loo & Placido.

And me.

Grab or listen to the album at

Mashup Culture Vol. 2 at the

And here's the preview of my track, which you can currently only download by grabbing the album

To Be Sweet With You

Edvin Marton - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Mr. Big - To Be With You
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

Best enjoyed in the sun with an ice cold alcoholic beverage. Santé mes amis!

Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Fire and Ice and Drums and Sunrise - the video

The wonderful A Mei has spoilt me rotten with the most lush, beautiful and haunting video for my track on Mixed Temptations. Check this out and show your support!

Fire and Ice and Drums and Sunrise

Within Temptation - Fire and Ice
Morcheeba - Beat of the Drum
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise

Also available at

More coming within just 24 short little hours...

Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mixed Temptations: The Within Temptation Mashup Album

Every once in a while, I receive an invite to submit to a compilation album or collaboration that makes me stop and wonder whether it's my cup of tea. Such an invite was received following some stuff I helped out my mate Dan Mei with on his Within Temptation mash Zombie What Have You Done.

Symphonic goth metal wouldn't be the genre you'd instantly associate me with, but I have to admit, watching the genesis of this album come together, I've grown to adore the dramatic sweep of Within Temptation's emotional metal.

So here it is - the EPIC mashup album of the year.

Featuring contributions and tracks from A Mei, Bynar, CjR-Mix, Dan Mei, DJ Morgoth, DJ Schmolli, Fissunix, iMashup, LeeDM101, MadMix Mustang, Marc Johnce, Mashup Germany, Panos T, Robin Skouteris, Titus Jones and Xam - grab the full double CD album from

And here's my contribution,

Fire and Ice and Drums and Sunrise

Within Temptation - Fire and Ice
Morcheeba - Beat of the Drum
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise

grab from


Sunday, 10 June 2012

Rabbit In Your Deadlights

The final part in my Thom Yorke trilogy, and this time I'm using my beloved Rabbit In Your Headlights - one of my all-time favourite tracks.

And thanks to my mate Bynar for the inspiration to use multiple sources to pad it out and make a dark, unforgiving soundscape. Yamas!

Rabbit In Your Deadlights

Biome - Space
UNKLE feat. Thom Yorke - Rabbit In Your Headlights
Pinch - Widescreen (sample)
Sleeper and District - Dungeon Style (sample)
Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial remix) (sample)
Josh Wink - Don't Laugh (sample)
Jacob's Ladder - movie dialogue [1990]

Consider this a warm up... word is, there's a CLT full-length mix in the pipeline...