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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Dancing Girls

After coming down to Earth, following the release of Welcome To My World (see below - described by DJ Brother Darkness as "the full-length mix of the far" - if you don't own a copy yet, shame on you!), I needed to make something unashamedly pop to get the ambient techincal twiddlings out of my head.

What better place to start with than the most obvious coupling you'll probably hear all year. Yep - I sold out and made a Lady Gaga mash....sorry.

The Dancing Girls

Calvin Harris - The Girls (i)
Lady Gaga - Just Dance (a)

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The Dancing Girls

Back to ambient normality next week!

Saturday, 14 March 2009

Welcome To My World

A beginning is a very delicate time.

Raise a hand into the empty air:
Hold on to the emptiness in your palm.

Then: from the depths of space, errant transmissions.
Some add up to something of philosophy.
Others are fragments through the static:
Some leading us to greater insights,
Some leading us into the blackest of dead ends.

Micro and macro, the atom and the universe.
And the human trapped in-between:
Our religions, our cultures, our politics, our endeavors.

The blood pulsing in our veins,
The thoughts large and small puzzling our minds.

Mind, heart, and spirit are in these songs, this mix.
The monumental within the mundane is here.
The crisis within existence is here.
The gamut is run.

Lower your hand from the sky:
Place it over your eyes, your throat, your heart. It’s beginning.

Alan Black, Feb 2009
1086 Productions


Welcome to My World
Toto - Prologue (from the Dune OST)
Vangelis - Prologue and Main Titles (from the Bladerunner OST)
The voice of Vrillon
The Beatles - A Day In the Life
Doris Stokes - Welcome to My World
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (Live at L'Olympia)

Burial - Endorphin
Imogen Heap - Hallelujah
Jeff Buckley - Hallelujah (live at Sin-é)
Burial - Untitled (both tracks from Burial, and opening track from Untrue)
Jeff Buckley - vocal sample
Skream - Midnight Request Line

Where Is Diana's Home
Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Burial Remix)
Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancefloor
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Princess Diana - Martin Bashir interview

I Dreamt Perfect Union
Vangelis - I Dreamt Music (from the Bladerunner OST)
Barack Obama speech - March 18 2008, Philadelphia
The Orb - Toxygene (live)
George W. Bush - vocal samples

Ball Of Colour
Skream - Colourful
The Temptations - Ball of Confusion (That's What The World Is Today)
George W. Bush - vocal samples

UNKLE - Breather
Aphex Twin - Heliosphan
Elton John - Your Song

Oxygen Is In the Sky
Jean-Michel Jarre - Oxygene IV
Ian Van Dahl - Castles In The Sky
Sir David Frost interviews Jean-Michel Jarre (16th Nov 07)
Gardener Chamber Orchestra - Air On the G String

A Wishful Interlude
Burial - Untitled
Burial - Gutted
Barack Obama - vocal sample
Nikolaj Bloch & Sally Herbert (Thomas Newman) - Any Other Name
Beyonce - Wishing On A Star

Blood In The End
John Carpenter - Prologue narrated by John Houseman (from The Fog OST)
Tycho - In The End
Leona Lewis - Bleeding Love

Mel Gibson - vocal sample
Amon Tobin - Easy Muffin
Craig Armstrong - Weather Storm
The Beatles - Come Together

Things Are Changing
The voice of Korton
20th Century Fox presents “Star Wars” (promo)
Four Tet - First Thing
Boards of Canada - Constants Are Changing

The War of Staunton
Lemon Jelly - The Staunton Lick
Colonel Bagshot - Six Day War
William Shakespeare - MacBeth (Act 5 Scene V)

Window On My World
M93 - You Appearing
Morcheeba - World Looking In
UNKLE - Back and Forth

Pink Floyd - Marooned
Jeff Buckley – That’s All I Ask

Rabbit Food
Howard Beale sample from 'Network'
UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights (Massive Attack Reverse Light Instrumental Remix)UNKLE - Rabbit In Your Headlights
Talk Talk - New Grass
UNKLE - Glow

A Beautiful Ending
Brian Eno - An Ending (Ascent)
Burial - Forgive
Christina Aguilera - Beautiful

+ various samples/snippets of dialogue

Available for download in two versions

Single 62min MP3, with full artwork

Right-click save:
Mix Format

Backup Mediafire link:

Full mix split in to 16 tracks, with full artwork

Right-click save:
Tracks Format

Backup Mediafire link:

With thanks to Alan, Gav and Tom at 1086 Productions for the guidance, and to Flying White Dots for the inspiration, and to Scott for the preview.

Welcome to My World

Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Landing soon....

"Did you think you heard real sounds.....?"

Hear the new mix album played exclusively on Ramdom Thoughts podcast this coming weekend (7th-8th March)

Ramdom Thoughts

Download to follow on these pages shortly, welcome...