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Monday, 23 April 2007

Approved By No-One...the Sycophantic Dreams of Colatron vol. 2 (the 1am Sessions)

Right, on to the biggie.
Here's volume 2 of my trilogy (or whatever this will run to before I change direction) of the Sycophant.

I was determined to try something a little different from the first, learning on my mistakes and trying to get a bit more mixing on the go. It didn't turn out that way, but it inspired more of my own works (see posts below), I explored a few more genres, and I managed to get my favourite TV theme tune of all time in there (from the legendary "Legend of Tim Tyler - the Boy Who Lost His Smile" - the worst dubbed 70's children's show ever).
There's a few nods to some of my heroes in there, DJ Shadow (obviously), Z*Trip (not so obvious, but I opened a set with Iron Man, and had a go at recreating his amazing live blend of Janice Joplin and DJ Shadow); there's some current top smash hits; some more classic trance mixed with some very X-rated lyrics, some classic indie/dance crossover, and Uri Gellar.

I think it shows progress from the last one, but I am biased. I'm also exhausted (4:30am Saturday night/Sunday morning, 1:30am this morning) so there won't be one of these for at least....oooh...another 2 or 3 weeks.

Approved by no-one...the Sycophantic Dreams of Colatron vol. 2 (the 1am Sessions) [1hr 26secs - 83Mb]

[00:00] Happy Land Intro
[00:03] Black Sabbath - Iron Man (Colatron edit, feat. the Voice of Colatron)
[01:15] Cut Chemist vs. Dr. Martin Luther King Jr - A Peek into Freedom (Colatron's History Lesson)
[02:47] DJ Shadow - Walkie Talkie (Intro)
[02:58] Colatron - Why Walk? I'll Take the Mercedes (Janis Joplin vs. DJ Shadow)
[05:31] The Gossip - Standing in the way of Control (Le Tigre remix) (Colatron bodge)
[11:15] Rogue Traders - Voodoo Child
[15:02] Colatron - The Age of Jack (Age of Love vs. Mr. Fingers)
[20:28] Jam and Spoon - Stella (Breaks Mix)
[23:05] Jam and Spoon - Stella (Original Mix)
[26:15] Energy 52 - Cafe Del Mar (3 in 1 mix) [Colatron's Climaxxx edit]
[34:10] Colatron - Enjoy the Ambience (dave gahan vs. louise annette smart) (Enjoy the Strings Mix)
[35:56] Super Furry Animals - Slow Life
[42:30] Colatron - Primal Patrol (Higher Than The Wish) (The Charlatans vs. Primal Scream)[47:55] Super Furry Animals - Slow Life (Strings)
[48:03] The Prodigy - Weather Experience
[55:57] Uri Gellar - I cannot answer you
[56:35] Christian Bruhn - Timm's Thema (from the Legend of Tim Tyler) (feat. The Voice of Colatron)
[59:29] See You Soon/Thats all folks
MP3 here

Special thanks to this week's cover star - the lovely Emma Hart. Cheers chick

The Sycophant vol.2 - still aiming to please....

Primal Patrol (Higher than the Wish)

Here's the next one folks.

It's my attempt at creating something completely trippy with dubby vibes. I was inspired by the first time I heard the Beatles 'Blue Jay Way' and there was something about the chord structure of that song that made me fell completely tripped out; an overbearing mood of gloom with an uplifting vibe (oxymoron, I know); and without taking narcotics, I felt I'd gone to another place. Well, that's how I felt whilst making this track - fair enough, it was at about midnight I finished it so I could have been tired, but see what you think/feel. All I know is for me, there's a spooky quality to this...

Primal Patrol (Higher than the Wish)

The Charlatans vs. Primal Scream (Patrol (Theme from the Wish - Chemical Brothers mix) vs Higher Than the Sun) (with hints of Come Together and Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts))

MP3 Here

Hallucinogens can open me, or untie me....

Enjoy The Ambience

Hi all, one mega update coming your way tonight - I finished a load of stuff off yesterday evening/this morning (1:30am!), so this is the first of a couple of posts.

First up is something I like to call "Enjoy the Ambience".

I had a cracking Depeche Mode acapella and I didn't have a clue where to put it, but then I tried it out with the beautiful avante-garde work of me good friend Louise Annette Smart. She's produced a number of pieces for her Degree, which with her permission I have been using liberally. You may remember 'Static Horizons' from the Sycophant vol. 1.

Anyhow, I couldn't decide whether it worked better with 'Static Horizons' or 'Collage', so I made you two tracks out of it! They are both the same track ('Enjoy the Silence' mixed with 'Static Horizons') but the second has 'Collage' thrown in to the fray, to give it a more edgy sound. Very post-chill out and perfect for after a Squarepusher gig!

So here we go:-

Enjoy the Ambience (Enjoy the Strings mix)

Dave Gahan vs. Louise Annette Smart (Enjoy the Silence vs. Static Horizons)

MP3 here


Enjoy the Ambience (Enjoy the Collage mix)

Dave Gahan vs. Louise Annette Smart (Enjoy the Silence vs. Static Horizons/Collage)

MP3 here


Enjoy the silence....

Sunday, 22 April 2007

The Age of Jack

Possibly the simplest track that could ever be made - I've literally just done this in less than 5 minutes, and I don't know what I'm doing ;)

House classic acapella meets Trance classic, and the results are euphoric and rapturous...

The Age of Jack

Age of Love/Mr Fingers - Age of Love (original mix) vs. Can You Feel It (acapella)


"You see, house is a feeling"

Two new tracks for you

Here's two new tracks for you all, one from the Sycophant vol.1 and the other from my next upcoming volume (work in progress and it's sounding ace already).

Set Your Smokebelch Free

Sabres of Paradise/Maxence Cyrin/N-Trance {Smokebelch II Beatless mix vs. Set You Free}


Why Walk? I'll take the Mercedes

Janis Joplin vs. DJ Shadow {Mercedes Benz vs. Walkie Talkie}

The first was a complete fluke, coming across Maxence Cyrin quite by accident, but I'm glad I did. The piano arrangements of modern classics are quite something (infact, the album is entitled 'Modern Rhapsodies' and his version of Windowlicker will be finding it's way here soon no doubt), and it was just what I needed to finish off an idea I had in the shower one morning bleary eyed before work.

The latter is a complete tribute to Z*Trip. He did this live in a set that I first heard 2 years ago on an MP3 player on a balcony on a bungalow on a remote island in Thailand, as supplied by a lovely Australian girl who later took me best friend off to Melbourne to live! I loved it the first time I heard it, so I remade it on Acid Pro yesterday - won't pretend it's anywhere near his standards but I think it works well and I've made it me own.


Approved by no-one...the sycophantic dreams of Colatron vol.1

Well, here we go, buckle yourselves in.

Here's the first mix I've ever made folks - and I kind of think it's a doozy.

Now, I'm no DJ and I've never used any kind of software like Acid Pro before, let alone spun the wheels of steel, but I like a tune or three, and I have a pretty extensive collection of CDs, MP3s etc. so after spending a couple of years hanging out on GYBO and having a few friends who are DJs (check out my mate Craig Neeld and - now he's a PROPER DJ!), I thought yeah, I wanna learn.
The idea was to produce a few tracks with some samples and my guitar but as I can't afford the expensive recording equipment, I thought scratch that, I'm going to put together a 'mix' or in this case the way it worked out, a soundscape.

This really is eclectic, although there are a few themes in there, and as with my legendary compilation CDs, I like to tell a story (as noted in the intro!). A weird messed up story, but a story nonetheless.

So there's something for everyone, mashup (a nod to my heroes, especially Mark Vidler - GHP who was my main inspiration for having a go), goa trance, classic trance, hands in the air anthems, ambient (big thanks to the lovely Louise Annette Smart, or "my lil' sis" for letting me use her haunting composition), folk, tracks that I destroyed my ankle dancing to in Thailand, bass thumping remixes, porno house, post-punk punk, my very own first attempt at a mash-up with the most beautiful track ever and an old skool vocal classic, and a sprinkling of the most ridiculous samples, public heath announcements and Vincent Price.

God, there's even three interludes with Captain Kirk vs. Uhura (with Spock getting a look-in later on), Nirvana meets Estonia via some monks, and an Australian all-rounder vs. the greatest acoustic duo today in a Led Zeppelin stylee.

If it sounds like a mess, bear in mind I came up with most of this mix whilst drunk. It did sound ok on playback from CD though. Apart from some of the suspect blends, and the N-Trance vocal blatantly not being in time or in key. hehe. Still, I got one decent beat mix done!

Here's the tracklisting below for those of you interested in that kind of thing:-
Intro - Why Don't I sing you a song?
Go Home Productions - Karmastition
Learn Italian With Fabio - Lesson 2
Dunproofin - Spin Spin Sean Paul's Burnin
William Shatner - Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds
Nicehlle Nicholls - Theme from Star Trek
Poltergeist - Vicious Circles (Spirit Level Mix)
Underworld vs. Mory Kante - Dark & Long & Yeke Yeke (Hardfloor Mix) [Colatron's havin it]
Two Amigos - Everybody Get Up
Gregorian Chant - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Rumal Noorkuu - Smells Like Teen Spirit
Libra presents Taylor - Anomaly (Calling your Name) [Granny's Epicure Remix '96]
Leonard Teale vs. Rodrigo y Gabriela - Stairway to Heaven [Colatron's had a drink mix]
Louise Annette Smart - Static Horizons
Aphex Twin - Heliosphan
Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day
Flash Gordon/Prince Voltan - Boom
Groove Armada - Superstylin'
Dead Prez - It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop ( robot attack remix - extended mix)The Thundercats go potty-mouthed
Leonard Nimoy - Put a Little Love in Your Heart
New York Health Systems Auxiliary's Health Extensions - Masturbation Tips
Unknown - Siren (Sex Alarm)
Vincent Price - Pork Chops
Mclusky - Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
Some Product - Sid Vicious is Dead
Colatron - Set Your Smokebelch Free (Sabres of Paradise vs. Maxence Cyrin vs. N-Trance)Outro - Who Wants to live forever?

And here's the link through to downloading it (it's a chunky file size at 88Mb, so fingers crossed you have Broadband, but then in 2007 who doesn't?):-

Also have some artwork on line for it, featuring guest star Dougie on the cover, and meself enjoying a ciggie on the balcony of a hotel in Paris (as you do)

Hello, good evening and welcome

Well howdy all, and let me take this oppotunity to introduce myself, it is I, LeClair!

Nah, my name is Andy, I'm 28 and I live in Brum city centre. And I'm here to hopefully spread a little bit of cheer in to your lives.

I started this blog primarily as a solution to the current issues on my fave website GYBO - - I've finally got myself some software and have started producing mixes and tracks of the 'bootleg/mashup/bastardpop' variety, directly as a result of the great creativity I found across on those boards.

Unfortunately, due to the nature of the business, they can no longer allow direct linking to the MP3s themselves, which is fair enough, so on the advice of their mods, I've set up this space, so as my musical vision can continue!

I will be posting as often as I can, to share my tracks and mixes with you all and hopefully there will be something for everyone there.

I'll also if I get chance, be giving you an insight in to my background, my current, and my future - throwing you little tidbits of info about me. If this part of my plan doesn't come to fruitition, don't worry as you can always get the lowdown over at my Myspace page, which is updated every day or so -

Right, enough of the chit chat, lets get onto the good stuff :-)