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Monday, 31 August 2015

IMPORTANT NOTICE - Colatron's now on - SoundCloud is DEAD!

Ladies and Gents, I have an important announcement. As some of you may or may not be aware, the Good Ship SoundCloud is about to take a right in to a massive copyright iceberg and she's going down anytime soon. Many of my friends and peers have already been taken down, and now it transpires even I'm not untouchable ;)

I've received my 3rd strike recently and as such, anyone seeking me out on SoundCloud will be faced with a "User not found" screen.

The good news is though, all is not lost - I've a mirror page over at

These boys seem to have their heads screwed on and openly embrace mashup culture, for now at least. The double good news is that many of the tracks that SoundCloud had taken down over the years can still be found here, so aside from my harddrive and the die hard fans out there, this is where you'll find the most complete collection of Colatron tracks on the web.

Be sure to point your browsers to

And don't forget to hit BOOKMARK. I may not churn out tracks to the levels I used to, but I've still one or two tricks up my sleeve ;)

To anyone who ever clicked play on my SoundCloud and to those that downloaded for their music player of choice, I thank you sincerely, you took what was a hobby for me and made it something important and for that I thank you eternally.

Please share with your social media Cola-fans, spread the word, CLT lives!

Thank you for your continued support.

Une Bonne Erreur (the video)

Another day, another simply fantastic video kindly made for me by the ever brilliant TravAlma, this time him providing gorgeous visuals as the backdrop to one of my personal fave things that I ever did make - the womwomwom folktronica of Une Bonne Erreur.

Be sure to check it out below (and marvel at a host of folk I would quite happily marry tomorrow) and give Travis some love - he really is knocking these clips out of the park.

Une Bonne Erreur

Moderat - A New Error
Bon Iver - Wash

Green Monday / Three Wishes

Ooopsie, looks like I totally forgot to post these a few months back!

Couple of tracks I whipped up for my Crumplstock mix now available as single track downloads; veering across the musical spectrum from emotional iconic synthwave to outright sing-along joy and bass as if Freelance Hellraiser never happened...

Green Monday

Spacelime - Wake Up In New York
New Order - Blue Monday

Three Wishes

Seba - Painted Sky (DFRNT remix)
Christina Aguilera - Genie In A Bottle
Commix - Everything
0=0 - More Than Anything

NEXT: I take my pills for my old age and hope to remember to post other stuff I've probably missed along the way...