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Sunday, 15 July 2007

Writer's Block

The clue's in the title!

Once again, been a busy boy at work this week, and so my creative process has been somewhat thrown, to the point where I have what some may call "Writer's Block". Which ironically is the name of the track that this is based on.

I've been in the doldrums creatively this week, to the point where I had no ideas for tunes or artwork, or even to go back to the projects I have on the go currently.

I hate going back over ground already trod, but when I finally found an instrumental I was enthusiastic to use, only one track was in my head to match it - Depeche Mode's 'Enjoy the Silence'. I'd already made a track using the 'pella, posted down below, but using it with this one gives the vocal a new feeling, almost puts me in mind of old school Balearic guitar beat bliss. I couldn't even think of a decent title though!

That said, I've had a game and a half pitching the vocals on this - I hope I've got it right, it sounds good to my ear, but it could be slightly out - it needs fresh ears to confirm.

I've also gotten completely bored of my one usual trick of adding a wee bit of stereo-echo to everything, so I've been playing with the FX in Audition instead, which pleasantly surprised me as being really good and very easy to use! Still took me ages to decide on something suitable to this though.

Something was missing though - a quick flick through the obligatory rap 'pellas later and Skee-Lo was perfect.

Here's the final product. Even had a play with the usual colatron-style graphics! Not my fave piece of work, but it's got the creativity flowing again hopefully - in fact, I've made my own instrumental for my next project, which if I can get the right vocal to fit, could be awesome...roll on next weekend...

Writer's Block

Just Jack vs. Depeche Mode vs. Skee Lo
(Writer's Block vs. Enjoy the Silence vs. I Wish)

MP3 Here:


Unknown said...

Nice work mate. Gives Depeche Mode a different feel - a bit more laid back and works really well. I see GYBO is down at the moment, so hope you get good feedback on there once it's back up.

Keep up the good work - now on the playlist my friend.


Unknown said...

Cheers Scott - it was one of those where I'd tinkered with it all weekend so in the end I was getting fed up of it, and just posted it anyway. Glad it works for you!

Yep - was a bit annoyed when I went to post on GYBO last night and it had gone down....must remember to get it up there later today when I get a breather at work.

I've downloaded the show as well now so I'll have a listen when I get in tonight....looks a great playlist though.

Have a good 'un,