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Saturday, 4 August 2007

U F.E.A.R. My Name

This is sheer lunacy. I've been awake now for nigh on 24 hours, I've worked a 10 hour day, I've been to the pub and got drunk, I'm sure it was dark when I got in, but here I am still awake making mash-up.

I got in from the pub tonight (or is it yesterday) at about 10:45pm and was straight on my PC to send Lee Spoons of 10000 Spoons fame an instrumental of Ian Brown's classic F.E.A.R., one of the best tracks of the last 10 years. Howver, on searching my PC I realised I only had the UNKLE remix of it. Not being one to let people down, I had a go at making my own instrumental from a B-Side version of the song from the single, which amazingly came out really well.

After sending both versions to Lee, I was suddenly gripped with this silly desire to use the track straight away, and so an acapella of the irresistable Alicia Keys popped straight in to my booze-addled head. A little drag and drop later and it fitted nigh on perfectly, and was in key! Well, that was it. I set to creating this track I now present to you. However, the tempo kept changing throughout the vocal in relation to the instrumental. Not a problem he thinks setting to chopping it up. 3 hours later, I suddenly get the bright idea to add the UNKLE remix too, to make it in to an epic soundscape of ambient strings descending in to pulse-racing techno breakbeat. 1 hour later and he's got the tracks all cued up, with an added snippet of Ian Brown vocal kindly supplied by Lee, and rendered ready to add the effects in Audition. A bit of echo and reverb on the vocals I snipped a bit too close, and here is the final result. I couldn't head to bed, as this has to be my fave track I've made so far, if only because I love the Ian Brown track so much. 7 hours of hard work for this. I could have made another 5 minutes for this track but I really am shattered, and I have to be at a party tomorrow night.

As I look out the living room window, I see blue skies; my head is pounding and heavy, I have the shakes and a feel exhausted, but it's all worth it for this one track. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

U F.E.A.R. My Name

Ian Brown vs. Alicia Keys vs. UNKLE
(F.E.A.R. vs. U Don't Know My Name vs. F.E.A.R. (UNKLE remix))

MP3 Here:

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Unknown said...

Lovely track mate. I keep meaning to say that I really enjoy reading the background behind your mashups on the site. You are the only mashup producer that does this in such detail, and it does you credit my friend. When I play your master pieces on the show, I'm going to start linking to your background on the track as well.

I'm just listening to Bobby Martini's exclusive 1 hour mix which he just sent me, which I'll be playing on next weekend's show - it's awesome!

Keep up the good work.

Bye for now.


Unknown said...

Hehe - glad you like the track and the background to them; most people probably think "where's the music?!" instead of having to trawl through my verbage :)

I just like to give people a little insight in to me and what I do in life, so thanks for reading

All the best,