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Thursday, 6 September 2007

Ms. Nelly's Nightmare

Well, not one to jump on the bandwagon, I've been noticing a little bit of a resurgence in the "old skool" over at GYBO recently, thanks to the genius of the NME labelling anything in skinny jeans and day-glo t-shirts as "Nu Rave". What an awful label for anything! You can always rely on the old NME to go down the boozer on a quiet day, chuck a few cut-out random bits of paper with various adjectives written on in a cap and pull out the next big style they're going to push....

Anyway, as mentioned, there has been a crest of excellent boots recently making the most of the musical legacy that I grew up on and got me in to music in the first place. The old skool. I can stil remember the excitement of heading in to the city centre on a Saturday to the legendary Depot, or Circle Records to pick up the latest Fantazia flyers, Dreamscape, Perception...etc. The legendary Institute was at it's peak (I ironically live around the corner from there now, with it's god awful student nights), the Hummingbird was sharing debut nights with Nirvana, alongside the likes of Ratty, Ratpack, Ellis Dee....etc. (I'll never forgive me friend Rachel's dad (and also my mum's ex-neighbour) Paul for closing the place down! As nice a bloke as he was...). My first tapes.... the awesome Top Buzz with MC Mad P (still my fave to this day), the legendary New Years Eve parties, The Book of Love, Micky Finn, Tribal Gathering (my first festival all those years back). Aaaahh.....the best music ever. Period.

So the mighty Dunproofin has chucked out a couple, notably his excellent Felix boot with the Gossip

and a cheeky Slipmatt boot (one of my fave moments from Helter Skelter was when Ellis Dee dropped that tune)

And the brilliant 10000 Spoons knocked out the (I wish I'd thought of it myself) Liquid Killers

featuring one of the all-time greats, Liquid's "Sweet Harmony".

I had the itch - what to mash. I literally had 100s of tracks to choose from. Do I go with Italian Piano, raging breakbeat, darkcore d'n'b? I settled for an old skool classic, the infamous 4Hero's "Mr. Kirk's Nightmare" with it's apocalyptic warning of ectasy overdose. One drop in of a vocal later (yep, another Nelly F boot!), and the track wrote itself (with a little tweaking of bpm). I didn't even add that many effects, it just seemed to fit together so well (there is a little bit of filter on the bass and vocal toward the end).

And the artwork wrote itself too. Hehe

A simple track with a heavy vibe. To be included on my forthcoming proper attempt at a full-length mix. Pull on your white gloves, pass round the Swan Vestas and overdose on Vicks. 'Ave it!

Ms. Nelly's Nightmare

4Hero vs. Nelly Furtado
(Mr. Kirk's Nightmare vs. Say It Right)

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