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Sunday, 28 October 2007

Lose My Know How

Well, the clocks have gone back, it's getting ruddy cold, and I have been a busy boy as always. Been chipping away at the full length mix, and actually made some progress on it, now being up to 30 minutes in to it so I'm getting excited it may be out this side of Xmas! (I have a week off work coming up in a week so I'll no doubt spend it in front of the PC working away on this little beauty. I've actually managed some 'mixing' on it too!)

I'm feeling a bit ropey today after a party at Dougie's last night, my body racked with pain after playing drunken Wii. It's amazing how good you can be at 'bowling' on absinthe. Still, the pain isn't enough to stop me from posting up this little treasure.

It took me all of 10 minutes to whip this one out last night before heading to the party, so apologies for it's simplicity, but as noted in a previous post, sometimes, the simplicity of an A+B mash can be so much more effective than spending a month chopping up a vocal, for 20 seconds of effects. The whole reason I got in to this, was due to some of the classic A+B boots I heard from the likes of 2 Many DJs, all those years back (I still love their Axel F vs. Do You Really Like It).

So this required one split of vocal, pasted to 2 seperate tracks with the instrumental running on the first track, as there were two tempo changes needed on the vocal; one literally by +1.1bpm and the other by +1.3bmp. And that was that!

"Know How" fuelled the sounds of my nights out at Ramshackle, back in the Sanctuary and the Birmingham Academy, so it was a pleasure to do something with it. And anything Destiny's Child is always fun to drop over stuff, as they seem to suit just about any style of music.

So apologies again for it's simplicity but I'm sure someone will be able to drop this in a mix somewhere. I know I will be.

Lose My Know How

Young MC vs. Destiny's Child
(Know How vs. Lose My Breath)

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