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Saturday, 12 January 2008

Independent Mentasm

Geez, this took me some time to get around to. Since New Year, I've really struggled to come up with anything new - not for lack of files or ideas, but nothing seemed to be gel-ing for me. I've got about 6 projects on the go but just not feeling them at the moment. Writer's Block. It's a crippler!

Still, I threw this one together as a means to start the new year with a bang.

I've had several ideas for crazy 1991 Hoover-rave track Mentasm floating around since I came up with the hardcore trilogy last year, but none of them were really paying off. Then come New Years Eve, in the Cross bar in Moseley, the DJ dropped a housed-up, sped-up mix of the classic Independent Woman and my mind was racing. This seemed like the obvious choice.

Admittedly, the vocal has probably been done to death on the scene, but hey, I still love it and I've never heard a bad mash-up of it (the legendary "Dreadlock Woman" still being one of my fave mash-ups of all time) so I make no apologies for making another version of it.

Throw in a tiny sample from an Altern-8 track, and a HUGE rant at the sound tech, at legendary rave Universe's "Big Love" event (13th August '93 - Lower Pertwood Farm, Wilts.) by the greatest MC of all time (although it's a close call with the Original Detonator, MC Robbie D - I was searching high and low for one sample of him saying "Callin' all the ravers!" but I couldn't place it, hence Mad P got the shout), and you've got a bass-thumpin' rave pop classic.

Are you robbin' the people? Probably....

Independent Mentasm

Second Phase vs. Destiny's Child (w/MC Mad P)
Mentasm vs. Independent Woman

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Happy New Year everyone!

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