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Sunday, 9 March 2008

A very quick update

Hi all, just a quick line to you all to apologize for the lack of new material the last couple of weeks. New tracks have been made and are ready to be posted, but I'm holding back on them for the time being as they appear in the forthcoming mix, and I want them to surprise you all when you first hear them.

The mix is now complete, and will be debuted exclusively on me good buddy Scott Johnson's Ramdom Thoughts podcast ( from around the 14th March (Show #95). I've been banging it out in the car and in me humble opinion, it sounds ace! Once its been out via Scott's show for a week, it will be released on here on the 21st March. It really is hopefully well worth waiting for. 73 minutes of spooky, aural pleasure, with a dash of alien based insanity.

I've also got a few other new works in progress which are going ok; my usual policy of trying to get a track online per week has kind of gone to pot so far in 2008 but please be assured there will be lots of Colatron-esque goodies coming your way soon. Thanks for all the support again.

There is a way now that you can all keep tabs on me, and I'll hopefully be able to update more often than here - I've gone and created one of those Fan Pages on Facebook. I'll keep this site mainly for the music, and then over at there, I'll try and keep you all up to date with where stuff is, when it's appearing etc. and any other random meanderings that are going on in me musical life. I still haven't finished it off properly yet (I didn't realise how many tracks I had made until trying to do the discography section! What a chore!), but I'll hopefully be able to upload some interesting videos/photos/clips etc. Please do come and 'become a fan' over there - it would be lovely to meet you all and have a bit of 'interaction' going on (god, makes me sound like a pervert).

Find my page over at

Right, I'm off to make a bowl of soup and enjoy the rest of the FA Cup upsets - Cardiff are winning as I type. Ace! See you soon.


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