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Thursday, 2 October 2008

Endless Avenues

It's official...I'm all Lynched-out! All my submissions have been made, there's only the artwork left to finish for the website, and so at last I can get back to reality (kind of...). More details will be released over the next few weeks, but provisionally we're working to a release date mid-November. It's going to be a doozie.

In the meantime, I can concentrate back on my normal mashes. And here's the first of the next batch. I've haven't done a ballad mash before, so fingers crossed, this one will tug at the heartstrings.

This was a weird one in that I made about 20 seconds of this track, before heading off to do the artwork. You should never do artwork before you've finished a track, as I've found out to my cost a couple of times now. Sometimes those tracks just don't come together and before you know it, you've wasted an evening on Photoshop.

Still, this one didn't give me too much trouble in the end, and came together in the course of a couple of hours so I struck it lucky on this one.

Welsh siren, Duffy seems to be everywhere at the moment, and fair do's to her, she sure does have a certain retro-appeal that I find irresistable. So imagine my joy when I came across this instrumental of her very whistle-able track, Warwick Avenue. A tale of heartbreak and deceipt, who can fail to be moved by her tears in the video that accompanies it?

On the flip side, you have the sickly sweet musings of Messrs Richie and Ross. This material should carry a health warning, so sweet it's trappings, dental practictioners worldwide must fear its effects of making teeth drop out!

But lo! Put the two tracks together with some of Duffy's ascerbic lyrics, and all of a sudden, Richie and Ross take on a whole new sinister context. Yes, if you listen to the two sets of lyrics put together, we have a whole new story of how Richie and Duffy were together in love, and Ms. Diana Ross comes along stealing Lionel right from under Duffy's nose, the smug Commodore boasting of his new undying love for the harlot. This is a tale of adultery, wanton lust and shattered dreams! Give it a listen and see exactly what I mean...

To quote the Peoples' Princess
"There were three people in this marriage, so it was a bit crowded..."

And going back to that artwork, I was torn between two final images so hell, let's make this a double cover and you can choose yourselves which you'd like to keep.

The traditional

The Warped

Endless Avenues

Duffy - Warwick Avenue (i) + (vox)
Lionel Richie and Diana Ross - Endless Love (a)

Direct Download

I'm off to dry my tears...


Anonymous said...

Great post! Thanks for sharing! =D

Unknown said...

Cheers mate - no worries. Whilst I get nice comments like this, be assured I'll continue to make tracks like this

All the best