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Sunday, 30 November 2008

If I Were Stevie Wonder

Another week, another quick pop-tastic mash.

Does the world need another Stevie Wonder mash? Do they require yet another Beyonce mash? Maybe not, but I'm a sucker for making the obvious...

If I Were Stevie Wonder

Beyonce - If I Were A Boy (i)
Stevie Wonder - Superstitious (a)

Ok - I don't do this often but I've gone back and tweaked this. The 'pella wasn't clean enough for my liking, but thanks to Virtual DJ, I found a slightly better version direct from the multi-track masters so I've remade it from scratch. I've also added 6 tracks (!) of the original Stevie keyboard now within the final couple of bars to give a nice climax to proceedings. Think of this as version 2

Right-click save

Doing the hard work so you don't have to...

1 comment:

neiltomo said...

Seriously mate. I absolutely love this - very original and tasty!

A keeper for sure!