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Sunday, 19 April 2009

Ministry of Mashed Sound

Well, it seems like an age since I posted anything, and to be honest, I've been focusing on other things aside from mashing, but do not fear - I shall return to business shortly, bigger and better than ever with a couple of projects I've been working on/shall be beginning soon.

In the meantime, I contributed a track to the forthcoming album from Envision at the Ministry of Mashed Sound. It's not due for release for a few months on here yet, but you'll be able to hear it as a part of Envision's cracking new album, of which you can hear a brief preview of here

Ministry of Mashed Sound

Featuring such fellow luminaries as The Reborn Identity, Mash2Mix, MadMixMustang, G3RSt, mARKYBOY, and Envision himself, this promises to be the hottest compilation of the month if not the first half of the year. Be sure to grab it as soon as it comes out.

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