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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Home Baked Pie

A hint of nostalgia. Yearn for the days when hair was big, clothes were spandex and the guy with the most eye-liner got the girl in the tiny denim shorts?

Splicing glam hair metal classic Cherry Pie, with local guitar heroes (local to me at least; several friends were at school with these guys!) and friends of Oasis, The Enemy - a good old fashioned slice of rock n' roll for you all, featuring my first ever mashed guitar solo! Now grab me the glitter hairspray.....

Home Baked Pie

The Enemy - Silver Spoon
Warrant - Cherry Pie

Right-click download:-
Home Baked Pie

Air guitar frenzy for this one!

1 comment:

Konrad Useo said...

An incredible bootleg track.
I find it irresistable.