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Tuesday, 24 November 2009

The Science of Telephony

Here's something a little different from the House of Colatron. Originally intended to be on the forthcoming Tenebrism album, I've decided not to include it, as it doesn't quite fit with the ambient vibe I've got reaching across the album currently.

But as everyone knows, I love me some dubstep.

A humorous semi-biographical look at the world of telecoms; 911 operators aside, I come across these call centre loons every single day of my working life.

Mr. B.T., I salute your persistence.

The Science of Telephony

Mike Lennon - When Science Fails (Rusko remix)
911 calls - various samples
Blondie - Call Me
British Telecom Customer Services - sample
Ella Fitzgerald - Putting on the Ritz

Right-click save:
The Science of Telephony

Be warned folks, the poor git on the end of the phone to BT, gets a little irate and a few naughty words pop out! If your easily offended, don't pick up the phone!


Konrad Useo said...

Now that's a cool & interesting track.Great concept,wonderful-sounding mix.

Unknown said...

Thanks Dave - something a little different from me, and I think it turned out quite well

Just finished the new album! Keep an eye out later this week! It's pretty chilled out my friend!