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Friday, 22 January 2010

Where Is Diana's Home?

A Colatron classic, and a personal fave of mine.

About a year ago, I began making "Welcome To My World", possibly my finest moment to date, and this was the second track I completed. Previously unreleased in it's unmixed glory, after the events of the last 12 months, now it seems even more so haunting than before.

Where Is Diana's Home?

Bloc Party - Where Is Home (Burial Remix)
Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancefloor
Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana
Princess Diana - excerpts from the Martin bashir interview (1995)

Also, if you haven't already seen it, be sure to check out the emotionally charged and damned haunting video from my good friend, The Reborn Identity

I'm off to think up new ideas. But if you ask nicely, I may even give you the War of Staunton next....


Gary Numash said...

I think this track is brilliant mate and you really should do more with Michael Jackson tracks, people remix his music and make it sound shite or whatever but you did a brilliant job of moving people in a way that can only be done by your music.

You are a genius, a musical einstein.

Flex Blur said...

I am Flex Blur, a 18 year-old French electronic music composer.
I discovered your track in a .torrent file filled with Dubstep tracks. I've been listening to all of them, and noticed that there was a convention : particular bass sounds, rhythms, reggae sound hits, and stuff. Amongst all of these very similar tracks, there was a few that were different, and that I loved, and that include yours. I don't know if you are often on YouTube, I left a comment on Where Is Diana's Home today. I just told that THIS song needs more exposure, because it is just awesome. In my opinion, mashing up tracks is not as hard as composing tracks, the trick is in finding the tracks that fit together. That is what is quite hard, and you did it. I only knew mashups with 2 tracks, not 4. So what I saw/heard from you, is new for me, and touching. Your track gives feelings, has an ambience. It just sounds awesome !
Anyway, I initially came here to say that I put your video on my blog, plus a link to your site. I hope that you don't mind :)
Check it out :

Thanks for reading me. :)


Flex Blur said...

Haha, there's no problem, I am being honest and just wanted to tell you how I felt about your track!

Yep', and I have had an idea : I thought about making a big .torrent file, with tracks made by not-so-known artists. When I got this idea, I was organising the tracks in the torrent I downloaded, and told myself "Hey, that would be cool if I had my name in it". So, here I am :) anyway if you want to participate, you can give me some of your tracks :) or even albums.

I have ever heard Burial's or Boxcutter's works a year ago, and I found that really nice, dark okay, but nice. I think that I will give a listen again to their works, in a few weeks.

And you are right to put effort in these kind of mashups ! Seriously, it's worth it. Oh, I know the stories about painful love. 2 years ago I kinda had one, then I made an EP, 6 tracks in only one week. Okay the tracks look alike but, well... Maybe you should give a listen to "Hide.", I'll make you some links right now :

Hide. >

Another version (Dark) >

Hide. 2009 (Yes, I did it again last year) >

Anyway, maybe we could collaborate together. Are you into composing or you are only doing mashups ?

No problem, trust me I will check your works, I'll begin by "Welcome to my world", then "The Physics Disco" :) Thanks to you for having me replied.