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Saturday, 1 May 2010

Sounds In the New World (compilation)

Sorry for the lack of updates lately folks - I'm currently putting together a new mix, which has been taking up most of my mashing time. I have made a few tracks for compilations though, including one which is featured on the new Envision/Mashtix comp, "Sounds In the New World"

Put together by the excellent Envision, with the help of the guys at Mashtix, this smashing compilation features 25 tracks, by 20 producers, blending a wide wide variety of genres and sources, resulting in a real feelgood album to kick the summer off with.

So if you're longing for a quick Colatron fix, be sure to head over to Envision's site

Or alternatively, find it on Mashtix at

Next on the cards, hopefully, will be the SUSN Flamenco Challenge Summer Album!


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