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Saturday, 25 September 2010

Chillax. Come Down.... (new compilation feat. Colatron)

Brand new compilation now online, courtesy of the good chaps over at Sound Unsound, this time with a distinctly chilled out vibe. And yep, I'm on it too.

The metaphor of my love life, I once flew so very close to the Sun, got burnt and came crashing down to Earth hard.


Flex Blur - Fly Me Above The Sea
Chew Lip - Slick
excerpts from Jim Henson's "The Story-Teller"

Preview over at
Icarus (on SoundCloud)

And download the whole double album from
Chillax. Come Down... (on mARKYbOY's Blogspot)

Huge props to the very talented Flex Blur for the permission to use his elegant track. Check him out and support him at
Flex Blur - website
Flex Blur - SoundCloud

Merci mon ami.

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