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Saturday, 5 March 2011

If You're Not In Tokyo (the video)

Well, thanks to my good friend, The Reborn Identity, I've taken the plunge and had a go at making my own video for one of my favourite, most personal mashups I made in 2010.

The intertwining tales of Daniel Bedingfield, a lonely Stormtrooper and crazy annihilist running rampant in Tokyo come together to pay tribute to a love lost.

If You're Not In Tokyo

Magnetic Man - Flying Into Tokyo
Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One
Tokyo! (movie dialogue) [2008]
Magnetic Man - Anthemic (sample)

Tokyo Dance Trooper
Daniel Bedingfield - If You're Not The One (US video)
Tokyo! The Movie
miscellaneous footage taken from arond Tokyo
home video - 5th November 2009

Video can be downloaded at


Anonymous said...

great job dude, video is simply stunning. Could you leave a link to download the track? Thank you, so much.

Unknown said...

Thanks Anonymous! Yep, you can grab the whole 'Mashnetic Man' EP (all Magnetic Man mashups) from

Or hear it in the mix at