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Monday, 1 August 2011

Starlights (video)

I absolutely love it when people enjoy my tracks so much, that they feel moved to make a video for them, so I'm absolutely stoked that the incredibly talented GRAPHIQ put this little beauty together for my Starlights mash (see below)...



Oscar said...

Hey Mr Smart, here from México.
The simpliest thing i could say to describe your work is kind of 'unique'.
Keep on flowing, your songs has become at this point not just a song but "the weekend song" that we share at the office.

Unknown said...

Hey 오스까르 탑의 ,

Thanks for the kind words! I love the thought that folk are sat around in an office scratching their heads at my melancholy :D

Keep listening, plenty more tunes to come this year,


Colatron and R.I. fan said...

brilliant work colatron. I listened to this song, I thought it would be cool to see the clip. After some time I came here and saw the video. amazing work. Thank you and this guy GRAPHIQ. :D

cheers dude.

ps I'm interested in one question. a video for your song "Where is Diana's home" is a clip excerpts Sabres Of Paradise - Haunted Dancefloor. I was looking for this video everywhere, but it is nowhere. maybe I missed something or you made ​​a mistake in the description of the video. If you have a chance, leave a link in this post just this video. thank you: D

Unknown said...

Thanks friend! And you have excellent taste btw, being a Reborn Identity fan too :D

Cheers for the question - no, it's not a mistake. I used the smallest snippet of the Sabres track when making the mashup, firstly in the intro of my track and then part way through on the breakdown. I've only just realised though, the version I used was the "In the Nursery Mix". Have a listen to the first few seconds of my track

And then the first few seconds of the Sabres track

Hope this helps mate :)

Colatron and R.I. fan said...

ohh yes, this is it. incredible melody. Thank you friend.

But the video consists of interviews, MJ's clip, and another video, again, for that matter tell me his name. cheers bud, you gave me invaluable assistance. :)

Unknown said...

Not a problem :)

The video that the Reborn Identity put together for the track, I believe, consists of Michael Jackson's "Dirty Diana", the Martin Bashir interview with Princess Diana (1996?), Bloc Party's "Where Is Home" and various random clips of London by night.

Hope this helps dude!

Colatron and R.I. fan said...

what a pity, I thought that these various random clips are one video. well, thanks for the help you my mate:)

revy said...

Still, pretty nice. I enjoyed it. :)

white label seo said...

I enjoyed your tracks as well. Looking forward to your next tracks. Good job!