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Saturday, 16 June 2012

Mixed Temptations: The Within Temptation Mashup Album

Every once in a while, I receive an invite to submit to a compilation album or collaboration that makes me stop and wonder whether it's my cup of tea. Such an invite was received following some stuff I helped out my mate Dan Mei with on his Within Temptation mash Zombie What Have You Done.

Symphonic goth metal wouldn't be the genre you'd instantly associate me with, but I have to admit, watching the genesis of this album come together, I've grown to adore the dramatic sweep of Within Temptation's emotional metal.

So here it is - the EPIC mashup album of the year.

Featuring contributions and tracks from A Mei, Bynar, CjR-Mix, Dan Mei, DJ Morgoth, DJ Schmolli, Fissunix, iMashup, LeeDM101, MadMix Mustang, Marc Johnce, Mashup Germany, Panos T, Robin Skouteris, Titus Jones and Xam - grab the full double CD album from

And here's my contribution,

Fire and Ice and Drums and Sunrise

Within Temptation - Fire and Ice
Morcheeba - Beat of the Drum
Orbital - One Perfect Sunrise

grab from


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