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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Fissunix/CLT - "Undivided"

It's time once more for me to present for your listening pleasure, another collaboration with my Mashing Partner in Crime - the magnificent Fissunix. This time, it's a double download pack, each mash based upon the magnificent and moving OST to The Divide, by Jean Pierre Taieb.

Fissunix - One Way To Die In Your Arms
Instrumental : One way to life - Jean Pierre Taieb
Acapella : Cutting Crew - (I just) died in your arms tonight
Spoken samples from 1983 "War Games" movie.

Colatron - Nothing Can Fix This Divide
Theme 3 - Jean Pierre Taieb
Coldplay - Fix You
Theme 2 - Jean Pierre Taieb
Bledbox - Nothing

Available to download as a zipped pack from

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