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Sunday, 7 April 2013

Love Did Tear Us Apart (the video)

So, you make one of your personal all-time fave tracks and Soundcloud won't let you post it (meh). You post it on Official FM, but then they change to new Official FM and you never get around to creating a new account. So what do you do to make sure folk can hear it...

...simple. Make a quick n' easy vid for Youtube! Using the emotionally epic video for the fantastic I Am Kloot's "Proof" track, featuring Christopher Eccleston (Dr. Who FTW) - flip it backwards, time-stretch it, find you've got some powerful syncronicity going on between visuals and audio, whip in the Cola-vid logo and a quick piece of beautiful poetry from Ian Curtis himself, and Robert's your father's brother.

I won't be stopped....

Love Did Tear Us Apart

Nerina Pallot - Love Did Tear Us Apart
Joy Division - Love Did Tear Us Apart

Next: more cheery musings from the Mash Cave!

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