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Monday, 30 September 2013

Gold Dust Panda

So tonight, I had the pleasure of seeing musical legends Fleetwood Mac, play at the LG Arena and what a show it was - I've been fortunate to see many many big name acts along the way, but this was something else, if only to see the human drama that is Fleetwood Mac continue to play out in a coy, knowing fashion...

Anyhow, to celebrate being lucky enough to see some classic tunes sung live by their creators, here's a little something I whipped up this afternoon ahead of the main event. It's not the most ground-breaking Cola-track you'll ever hear - hell, it's probably out of key - but it makes me happy in it's own little post-rave mysticism manner....

Gold Dust Panda

Gold Panda - Marriage
Fleetwood Mac - Gold Dust Woman
Adele - Rumours (sample)

More tunes on the way good Cola-fans; plenty of stuff already made, just pending their relative album releases. Keep 'em peeled! **flounces off in a Stevie Nicks stylee**

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