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Monday, 21 October 2013 present Rock 'n' Mash

OK guys and gals - today sees the release of a HOT new compilation album from my good buddies over at, bringing you 2 full discs of rock-tastic mashie action from the biggest names in Mash today. And some dude named Colatron.

Featuring DOVSEC, DJ Morgoth, Jimmy Klox, Toastbusters, DJ Schmolli, Fabulous Beatmashers, DJs From Mars, Rino Santaniello, Rosario Marafini, Rems79', Chocomang, Luke DB, DeeM, Dan Mei, Max Fail, Mashup Germany, GenErik, DJ Rudec, Kellys Sevlac, Fissunix, Colatron, Colorblind, LeeDM101, Mario Santiago, DJ Useo and Smith & Smart!

And because they're the guys that keep on giving, there is a special bonus track from the legendary Loo & Placido!

Check it out and download from Download Page

And in the meantime, here's my little contribution - grab it from the link above or grab from the Cola-SC page as always (download to be enabled from the 1st Nov 2013)

Right Here Is Who You Are

Druid - Right Here (Manhatten Bootleg)
The Who - Who Are You

It's a rock'n'bass doozy!

And don't forget to show your support to all my friends and peers by visiting the website and giving it a big thumbs up.


1 comment:

Konrad Useo said...

I love this collection. And I got'ta state flat out that you're mix is fantastic! Thanks tons.