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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Beginning Over

You know, it struck me recently I'm apparently coming to the end of the Cola-journey. I seem to be completely out of ideas and I have little to no inspiration right now.

So what to do? Kill off Colatron and begin over a-new as Colatron. Think of this as a message to myself. The Death of Colatron.  

Beginning Over

Daniel Rosenfeld/C418 - Beginning (excerpt)
Tycho - Adrift
Portishead - Over
Daniel Rosenfeld/C418 - Beginning 2 (excerpt)
Dialogue sample taken from "The Grey" (2011)

Thanks to my boys, Bogoss and Rhythm Scholar for the 'pella and the Minecraft tracks respectively.

Next: who knows? But keep 'em peeled. I may come back as an EDM DJ or pop smasher :)

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