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Monday, 16 June 2014

Tiger Mendoza - Monsters & Miracles / TMCD5RMX

Well here's a thing; I've barely made a thing all year and then from nowhere, you'll have a trio of Colatron good-time fun tracks coming your way in the next fortnight, with 2 tonight alone! I'm the proverbial bus of the mashup landscape.

So first up; it's an honour and privilege to be asked by the fantastic Tiger Mendoza to contribute to their new remix album of the release Monsters & Miracles. Ian Tiger was back on the boards in the day of GYBO and I've always been a fan, so not being a remixer by any stretch of the imagination, I took the easy option and mashed it instead :)

Picking the emotionally swooping track Mellotron (I've had the instrumental on my PC for the last couple of years and had always meant to do something with it and who could resist anything with the word 'tron' in the title - not I!), I decided to go with something that I think Ian would like (judging by whom he follows on Soundcloud!) - my beloved Ghostpoet. With a hint of Bon Iver and a touch of Penguin Prison for good measure. I gave him - MellowTron.

Grab the album from the bandpage here (you can even grab some of the stems and have a go yourself!):

Or download/stream from the Soundcloud Set here:

Thanks to the boys and girls for the opportunity - I hope I didn't mess it up too much!

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