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Tuesday, 8 July 2014

Mellow Tron

Posted elsewhere on these pages, here's the Soundcloud link for my contribution to my mates', Tiger Mendoza's, wonderful remix project for their Monsters and Miracles album.

Based around their doom-laden apocalyptic track "Mellotron", I've been a naughty boy and completely turned it upside down, making it quite the upbeat indie dancefloor filler (hopefully), whilst retaining a touch of melancholia via Coventry's own urban Poet Laureate, the mighty Ghostpoet.

And going against type, it's a bit of a multi-mash (of sorts!). Let it never be said I'm not versatile ;)

Mellow Tron

Tiger Mendoza - Mellotron
Ghostpoet - Meltdown (ft. Woodpecker Wooliams)
Penguin Prison - Fair Warning (drum sample)
Bon Iver - Wash (strings)
Pendulum - The Island (claps)

Still playing catch up for the year Cola-fans, but I promise there are new stuffs in the pipeline - stick with me!


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