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Wednesday, 17 December 2014


Well dear Cola-fans, here's the last of the year from me, in what's been a relatively odd year. It doesn't feel like I've put that much out there this year and inspiration has run dry.

Then with the dotcom domain going astray (DAMN YOU DAISY WHOLESALE. And is anyone actually getting through on the address anyway?), I kind of lost all heart. Coupled with a general lack of love for the current scene and the increasing iron grip of the Soundcloud Police, I can't see me doing anything next year at this moment in time. So this may well be the last CLT track you receive.

That said, you never know - I may become inspired overnight or I may have to come back and bring some balance and light to those EDM boys and girls.

Anyway - enough grumbling. If I am to go, let it be (thematically) to this, heading towards the light for a break in the sequence.

Colatron will dream of you. You'll dream of me too.


Jon Hopkins - Immunity
London Grammar - Interlude
Anthony Hopkins reads Dylan Thomas - "Do Not Go Gentle Into That Good Night"
Vangelis - Prologue (sample from Blade Runner [1982])
Vangelis - Rachael Sleeps (sample from Blade Runner [1982])
dialogue sample from Inland Empire [2006]

Merry Christma/Happy Festive Period everyone. Wishing you all the best for 2015.

Oh... and next... the Best of CLT 2014 (if I can get my typing fingers on)! Be there! 

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additional information said...

Thank you for showing London Grammar for me. I fall in love with them and can`t stop listening to their music. They are truly genius.