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Saturday, 7 March 2015


So the retirement continues with another new track...

I recently discovered and fell in love with the hard-hitting wonky trip-hop goodness of the Australian Ableton maestro Flume so imagine my joy when I stumbled across some source stems for him. Whilst I love the whole debut album, standout track for me was undoubtably "Insane" so to have the stems for that track, there was only one vocal I could whip over the top... #PlayingTheObviousCard

Apologies in advance; you all know my unspoken rule of using studio quality pellas at all times unless absolutely unfeasible (i.e. because they don't exist!) - well, this is one of those occasions where I broke my own rule. So it's a wee bit rough around the edges but hopefully if you crank it up enough, no one will notice.


Flume - Insane
Gnarls Barkley - Crazy

Next - you won't see me for a couple of months. Got me a mix-challenge that's going to involve some major getting my 'arris in to gear.

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