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Monday, 23 April 2007

Primal Patrol (Higher than the Wish)

Here's the next one folks.

It's my attempt at creating something completely trippy with dubby vibes. I was inspired by the first time I heard the Beatles 'Blue Jay Way' and there was something about the chord structure of that song that made me fell completely tripped out; an overbearing mood of gloom with an uplifting vibe (oxymoron, I know); and without taking narcotics, I felt I'd gone to another place. Well, that's how I felt whilst making this track - fair enough, it was at about midnight I finished it so I could have been tired, but see what you think/feel. All I know is for me, there's a spooky quality to this...

Primal Patrol (Higher than the Wish)

The Charlatans vs. Primal Scream (Patrol (Theme from the Wish - Chemical Brothers mix) vs Higher Than the Sun) (with hints of Come Together and Higher Than the Sun (A Dub Symphony in Two Parts))

MP3 Here

Hallucinogens can open me, or untie me....

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