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Saturday, 9 June 2007

Welcome to the Borderline (Colatron Dub)

Blimey - that was a while wasn't it since the last post?

So, I've been suffering pretty much the bootlegger's version of 'Writer's Block' recently. After finishing off the Sycophant vol. 3, where I was literally firing off 2 or 3 tracks a day in a creative frenzy, the last 2 or 3 weeks I've been really struggling. And that's not for lack of ideas.

I've had a download frenzy, literally laying my hands on 100s of acapellas and instrumentals, some of which I am DYING to use (Dilated Peoples feat. Kanye West - This Way; one of my fave vocals ever and d'ya think I can mix it with anything?!!) but nothing was working out properly for me, to the point where I refused to boot up the PC, as I was getting so frustrated.

However, this Wedensday spun around and I managed to come up with this. It's managed to turn things around for me, and I seem to be getting back to normal in terms of finding things that fit.

Plus, it's my first attempt at recreating the dub vibe I've always loved on the legendary Trojan Records, and more recently the bonus dub tracks on the awesome Easy Star All*Star albums (Dub Side of the Moon, is possibly one of the only records to ever surpass the original IMHO).

The Damien Marley track though, gave me nightmares trying to find a proper vocal to work with it! Probably why I bottled it and went for a stripped down vocal instead...hehe....

Welcome to the Borderline (Colatron Dub)

Damien Marley vs. Pinchers
(Welcome to Jamrock vs. Borderline)

MP3 Here:


Unknown said...

I think most mashup producers mate suffer from time to time with getting tracks to work. I dread to think the mess I'll be making when I start mucking about doing it as well - god help you all if I play any on my show - lol.

I like this - suits the summer well - nice and chilled - now on the play list - there's a shock! Keep up the good work.


Unknown said...

Its not as bad as I make out - it took me about a month to get used to messing around on Acid Pro, but I'm getting the hang of it now. That's why I don't recommend the early stuff, although maybe one day I'll go back and amend them.

The best advice I can ofer is to listen to lots of boots and try singing other songs over the top to see what fits! I must look a right freak in the car driving to work :D

Glad you like this one - I love reggae and you're right - perfect for this blistering hot day, washed down with a cold can of coke.

Its thanks to guys and gals like yourself that I keep getting inspired to come up with this stuff so many thanks mate