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Monday, 15 October 2007

The Congress of a Clown

Remember when Mash-ups were fun? When people didn't worry about mashing the most obscure world music techno-funk jazz excursion with a Peruvian goat herder's chant (something I am as guilty as anyone of)? Thats what I'm aiming for here.

Part two in a trilogy (or maybe even a 4 part depending on how creative I'm feeling) of hardcore old-skool mashes, this was a lot of lot of fun to make.

The legendary piano-led rave tune - 40 Miles - was a belter back in the day. One of my earliest memories of hardcore, and virtually guaranteed to pump up a crowd. It was based upon the 1988 house classic, "Better Days" by Jimi Polo, and often known as the piano riff that launched a thousand records!

Smokey Robinson should need no introduction to anyone, but the haunting "Tears of a Clown" was and still is, one of my all-time favourite Motown records (how do you choose one as the best? Impossible).

Put them together, chuck in the genre defining Afrika Bambaataa, and you have what I hope is a good time giving, hands in the air, floor filler. It makes me smile anyway.

Oh, and yep, I did pitch the vocals up there. Gives it an authentic old-skool rave vibe me thinks!

Don't forget the white gloves and Vicks. Dedicated to Scott J. Keep ravin' bro.

The Congress of a Clown

Congress vs. Smokey Robinson vs. Afrika Bambaataa
(40 Miles vs. The Tears of a Clown vs. Just Get Up and Dance)

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Unknown said...

Hi Andy

Thanks for the dedication mate. Just downloading your latest now - will leave feedback on GYBO.