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Sunday, 25 November 2007

Do You Really Like Hardcore?

Here's the first of a few additional track to be released from the Part IV mix (see below for the goods!), and once again, I'm taking it back to the oldskool. This is also, incidentally, my fave track from the whole mix.

This one came about as a complete surprise/fluke for me. I'd been working on a trilogy of Hardcore mashes, which resulted in the previous "Ms. Nelly's Nightmare" and "Congress of a Clown", and I had a few ideas as to what would make up the last track, but I'd sat on it for ages. I had 3 or 4 tracks to mash togehter, but none of them were really doing it for me (although, at least one of them will be finished off in a month or so once I get a bit of spare time), until one night at 3:30am after a night at the pub, it suddenly came to me.

I had been searching for the tracklistings to a wicked tape I had years ago, one of the fabby Mixmag Live tapes mixed by Slipmatt & Lime, the legends from the early 90s, responsible for SL2's "On A Ragga Tip" and "Way In My Brain" and "DJs Take Control". It was a pretty hardcore mix, consisting mainly of Belgian techno with sparse sprinklings of piano and breaks, but I loved it (I'll have to dig it out from the loft next time I'm over at me Mamma Colatron's house), but one track stood out for me at the time - Outlander's "Vamp" released on the legendary R&S Records. At the time, it was a cacaphony of drums and bass, with a variation on the infamous 'hoover' stab providing the melody. Awesome stuff.

Anyway, I found the track and desperately wanted to use it. It was at the aforementioned 3:30am slot when I drag and dropped the Pied Piper vocal in to Acid over the top for a laugh. And laugh I did. It was perfect! A little tempo change here and there and the syncopation of the vocals to the music was spot on, as if the two had been written for each other even though they are seperated by a decade. It finished off the old skool section of the Part IV mix perfectly.

Ironically, the track that made it into Part IV was unfinshed and edited 'on the fly', so here is the complete vision for the track, along with new intro and outro, featuring my two favourite MCs from back in the day, Everson Allen of the Ratpack and MC Mad P of Top Buzz fame. For completeness, the samples used are from:

Altern8 - Activ8
Ratpack - live at Pandemonium, Club Andromeda (May '93)
Altern8 - Infiltrate 202
Top Buzz - live at Fantazia, The Showcase (November '92)

The next probem is, I'm enjoying this hardcore revival so much, the trilogy has now been extended, indefinitely!!! 'Ave it....

Do You Really Like Hardcore?

Outlander vs. DJ Pied Piper & The Master of Ceremonies
(Vamp vs. Do You Really Like It?)

Download Page Here:

Last Resort ZShare Link here:

Mad P sums it up best
"You see we? We come from mash it up!"

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