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Saturday, 8 December 2007

Shootin' From the Heart

At last - some new material. I was going to post a few tracks from the Part IV mix to keep you all going, but a part of me felt guilty, I had to make some new stuff (although I will probably get "I Saw A Bouncing Ball" up on here shortly, if only because rhythmically, it's so mental!).

So here we go. Leicester's finest, the producers of the best rock from the last 3 years or so, hook up and dance with the Princess of Pop, Kylie.

As soon as I heard 2 Hearts a few weeks back, it's potential to be a glam rock extravaganza shone immediately through the slightly weedy pianos. A couple of tracks sprang immediately to mind - Goldfrapp's 'Ooh La La' and Oasis' mighty lapdancing anthem, 'Force of Nature'. However, finding instrumentals of said tracks was nigh on impossible (and I really didn't have the time to make my own). Still, one track seemed to keep getting played on my car stereo - mash-up icon Go Home Productions' 'Bus Stop Runner' clashing Kasabian against various heroes of glam. It clicked. I love Kasabian (one of my fave live bands) and I particularly love "Shoot The Runner" and I knew straight away where I could source the instrumental from.

Big big thanks go to Mick "Slipknot" Ford (son of Tony "Harrison" Ford (It's an outrage!)) for the supply of Kasabian. Cheers dude (and I want those other instrumentals you promised!).

Surprisingly, the Kylie vocal wasn't as easy to work with as expected. And trying to make a Kasabian 'pella to float the vocals back in throughout the track wasn't as easy as expected. But I got there in the end. And the results (IMHO) rock. And who knew that 2 Hearts is a cover of the track by electro band Kish Mauve?! One to search out me thinks.

True story, I once watched the Hours in Leicester, at the Charlotte, whilst stood next to Serge. I then found out, a chap I work with, is from the same village as Serge. And then a few months later, I appear in some artwork with Serge. Lol. Even if you all hate the track, I'm chuffed with it if only because it's my favourite piece of Colatron related artwork to date.

Shootin' From the Heart

Kasabian vs. Kylie Minogue
(Shoot the Runner vs. 2 Hearts)

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I'm a King and she's my Queen, bitch!

EDIT: Great news Colafreaks - a top chap by the name of EvilKeg has taken this track and decided to blast it out over the airwaves/digital streams of Brap FM, down in Brighton this Wednesday coming (12th December) - this excites Colatron greatly and is great exposure for his hard work (lol), along with all the top work me good buddy Scott does over at If you get chance, tune in and support me new friends over at Tell 'em Colatron sent ya.

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