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Monday, 10 December 2007

I Saw a Bouncing Ball

Well, I threatened it and here it is, purely because the next 'new' tune I'm working on is giving me a headache with the chorus sections (but trust me, once it comes together, hopefully by this weekend, it will be well worth the wait - how do you say 'Orchestral Pop'?). My experiment with experimental music.

This one came together a good 3 or 4 months ago one night when I was pratting around with piano based ballads, looking for something that would possibly close a full length mix (and as those in the know, know, I did indeed use this to close the Part IV mix) - I'd had the visionary Bat For Lashes album for a while on the PC and hadn't really got around to listening to it. However, I'm known for dropping unheard tracks in to my compilation CDs for the car, and this was one such track.

I first came across Bat For Lashes on TV (last year?) when I saw the other-worldly Natasha Khan at the South By Southwest festival from Austin, TX. I was actually watching it to see the magnificent Scott Matthews perform (another artist I can claim to have seen before they 'made it') but Bat For Lashes were also featured strongly on the programme and I was blown away. The combination of the visual and auditory poetry I was seeing/hearing was a heady brew and put me instantly in mind of a Kate Bush/Jeff Buckley combo. I loved it.

So here I was stumbling around with the track with its tricky time signature, looking for a beat I could maybe skip in over the top. Well, if it's tricky time sigs you're after, look no further than the electronic genius of Richard D. James. Most of you know I love Aphex Twin, so as quick scan of me CDs and Bucephalus Bouncing Ball stood out like a sore thumb. Would it work? I didn't care. The Shiraz told me it would ;-)

Amazingly, at least to my ear, it's crazy drum n' ball rhythm really compliments the Bat lyrics. To me, it puts me in mind of an naively, inquisitive girl looking at the apocalypse through the eyes of an innocent. But then I do suffer from Nuclear Nightmares.

Whether I'm right or wrong, it does close out a set mighty well. The Ambient Apocalypse Anthem. I'm drinking again.

Now with amended intro including a recorded sample obtained from Freesound, created by the incredible Acclivity - he really does record some mindblowing stuff and make it available freely for use. I recommend any masher to find him out and check his work.

I Saw a Bouncing Ball

Bat For Lashes vs. Aphex Twin
(I Saw a Light vs. Bucephalus Bouncing Ball)

Download Page Here:

Last Resort ZShare Link here:


Anonymous said...

hey I just came across this. I love AFX & I love Bats for Lashes. is there any way I can still get this? I've tried searching soulseek and other sources as alternatives but am having no such luck.


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