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Sunday, 20 January 2008

Inna Raya Furtada

Forget Timbaland - Frank Farian is the real uber-producer of pop music. This dude was making high quality, catchy beat driven rhythms when Timbaland was still in his nappies.

And as such, I was driven to this - mashing the mighty Boney M.

First up, I gotta give props to Bobby Martini, who made this possible. I received a mail on Facebook last week asking if I ever read the blog over at:

Now, whilst I did read it once or twice a week, I never took a great deal of notice as I was generally too busy to sit down and read it all. Silly really, especially as it introduced me to one of my favourite Memes of all time - the Tommy Seebach "Apache" video mash. Seriously, I cannot watch the Prodigy one without a great big smile coming across my face (although am I the only one who finds it strangely erotic?)

Anyway, after reading Bobby's message I headed straight over to APC to catch up and the first post that my eyes clocked, was the various disco covers of psychadelic rock classic "In A Gadda Da Vida" by the mighty Iron Butterfly. One of my favourite movie moments is in 80s classic "Manhunter" when the Tooth Fairy is hunting down his blind victim to the sounds of In A Gadda Da Vida. Awesome use of a soundtrack. But amongst the various disco covers, the one version of this mighty rock epic that stood out to me, was the Boney M. version.

Now I don't care what anyone says, cheese or not, Boney M. have some serious tunes. We all know them, and we all love them, whether the 4 guys were singing them or not. Farian's electro-processed vocals and Bobby's dancing were ahead of their time. Seriously. And I challenge you not to want to dance whenever a Boney M. track comes on.

So after watching about 8x Boney M. vids on Youtube, plus the accusation from Zendi that last year I went a bit too hip-hop (what is he talking about?!! Dude, I love ya, but stick to your guitar!), I was set on making my first disco mash.

The problem was - I had about 6 vocals lined up to use with this. Taylor Dane (!!) nearly made the cut, plus the Gossip was on the cards, although I've already mashed SITWOC so decided against it. In the end, I settled on Madonna, but then Nelly Furtado was bugging me too. What to do? I couldn't have the vocals together as they were too distracting from each other and the original Boney M. track was too short to split them out.

What do you do when your instrumental isn't long enough? Hack it to pieces and make a new track! Or in this case, copy and paste the body of the track back in to the main one to extend it, and hope the beats line up! Lol.

Pull on your flared catsuit, pump it up with your affro comb, and dance like Bobby Farrell never went out of fashion

Oh, and needless to say, I now read APC on a daily basis. I recommend you do the same.

Inna Raya Furtada

Boney M. vs. Madonna vs. Nelly Furtado
Gadda Da Vida vs. Ray of Light vs. Maneater

MP3 Download Here:

Backup MP3 Download at Divshare, here:

PS. It's coming soon, a kick up the eighties. It changed my life and saved me from my vices....??

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