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Saturday, 9 February 2008

Work It The Fuck Out/Red Hot Work Out

Not too much to say this week; I'm so busy working on exclusive tracks for the new full length mix, I haven't really had time to finish off any of my current projects (last count was 7 different tracks), and hence I'm banging out a couple of oldies to keep the Cola-Freaks happy for a week or two.

This is a double Beyonce portion, both tracks featured as the extended intro on the Part IV mix. It's the sound of the awesome pop-tastic diva Beyonce (yep, another Beyonce mash!) versus the gritty council estate inspired lyrical spittings of the simply incredible Skinnyman (you MUST search out a copy of "Council Estates of Mind" - UK hip hop doesn't get any better nor more thoght provoking).

It's also the sound of Beyonce versus one of the best hip-hop acts I've ever seen live. The mighty Jurassic 5. Short and sweet but may sit well in someone's MP3 mix set.

Right, I'm off to scare myself with some of these new dark sounds I'm coming up with (the intro to the new mix terrifies me!). Have a great weekend everyone. But before I do go, big shout out to Valerian11 over at the fab Gary Numan forum ( for directing the good folk over there to here. Much appreciated. And cheers to DJ Squid and the Bootleggers Dozen in Portland on the 24/7 KNRK station for banging out "My Cheated Heart Goes Bang" in the show a week or two back. I got played! Check 'em out at

"At this time brothers and sisters, it is indeed my pleasure, to introduce to you a brother who's been around for a long, long, long time...."

Work It the Fuck Out

Skinnyman vs. Beyonce
Fuck Da Hook vs. Work It Out

Download page here:

Red Hot Work Out

Jurassic 5 (feat. the Dap-Kings) vs. Beyonce
Red Hot vs. Work It Out

Download page here:

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