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Saturday, 5 April 2008


I'm feeling particularly lazy this week, so no new tune as such, although this is a recent bass shaker I came up with for the EVP mix. Besides, after last week's dedication, I had to get this one in if only to dedicate it to number one Sean Paul fan Big Sam Henstock.

As mentioned elsewhere in these pages, I was a huge Perfecto fan in the mid-90s and one of my fave tunes that Oakenfold would spin was the classic goa trance track "Floor-essence" (had the pleasure live at Tribal Gathering '97 - what a mad night THAT was...). This was when trance was trance, none of this Cascada nonsense (although she is the future Mrs. Colatron) or that kind of pop trance silliness that permeates the top 20 nowadays. No, this track had balls, and although not as hard as some trance I've come across recently (Full Moon party in Koh Samui - my brain still hurts) at the time back in '96, it sounded like the end of the world.

And then there is Sean Paul - the man winds me up like you wouldn't believe, and yet I still find him strangely catchy and listenable. He ain't no Supercat, but then not many people are.

The mighty Divide and Kreate did an amazing mash with Sean Paul and Yaz called "Temperaturized" and I wanted to have at go at doing something similar. Whilst I'm not as good as he at keeping things in key, I like to think this is strong enough to get a dance floor going, and if not, I'm packing my bags to head over to Goa to bang it out anyway.

Oh, and to give you the new exclusive is done and dusted and hopefully queued up for play on Scott Johnson's show #100 in a couple of weeks over at I'm super-chuffed with it, and I think it may be my second fave tune I've made this year ("Edwards' Theme" still does it for me) so keep 'em peeled. Should be on line in a couple of weeks.


Man With No Name vs. Sean Paul
Floor-Essence (Dayglo Mix) vs. Temperature

MP3 Download Page Here

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