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Saturday, 3 May 2008

Burn Beachball Burn

Well here's a special one.

About 2 or 3 month's ago, I had an email from Scott Johnson, talking about how show #100 over at the Ramdom Thoughts blog, was going to be a little special (it's pretting special anyway!) and every track played was going to be an exclusive. Having contributed towards the show for the last year (yep, a whole year having a go at this crazy little thing called mash, and I still don't know if I've got any better), the challenge was on to make something to put towards this monumental moment in mash-up. As it happens, I was 3/4s through making the EVP mix, so I started to panic a little - would I have time? Would I have the source material? And so on....

Fortunately, I didn't have to worry. As an avid user of a certain P2P platform (ahem....I'm sure a legal disclaimer should come in about now), I searched for my usual terms, "acapella", "Instrumental", "obscure tibetan prayer chant"....and I stumbled across a VERY usable acapella of the Trammps classic "Disco Inferno". The bane of many a drunken student night out at the Ritzy, Yates, School Disco etc., it's often forgotten that the vocal on this track is actually, ruddy incredible, and is thought of as another boozy cheesy night-out track. Which is a crying shame.

I wanted to give it a modern vibe, but yet, at the same time, I was working on a few house classics such as the Bucketheads for my "Way I Bomb Your Body" track so I was firmly stuck in the mid-90's. One track that I remembered fondly was the trance classic, Nailin & Kane's "Beachball". God I used to love that track. I was sat in the car one day on the way to work just trying to remember the hook, as it was always one of my favourite tracks from the days of Oakenfold live at the Que Club (the Essential Mix live, from one of my local clubs - a must hear event every Friday between '95 - '96). I came by a few different versions of it (I had the CD single but a certain good DJ friend of mine has them in a black binliner down in his posh flat in London...the swine!) and one was just about the right length. The usual drag and drop in Acid Pro, and Bob's Your sounded good! I had to put a bit of work in to the section where the break down comes in as I lost the beat, but I think I managed to find it again.

So, a relatively simple A+B, but the synth just really brings out the Jimmy Ellis vocal, which at one point just soars....check it out during the breakdown when the raw power of "Satisfaction....came with a chain reaction" is sung. Spine-tingling.

As expected, show #100 was a top event, so here's to another 100 shows minimum for you Scott. Thanks for the challenge, and thanks for playing this little Colatron ditty. I hope everyone else out there enjoys this slice of trance disco.

Burn Beachball Burn

Nailin & Kane vs. The Trammps
Beachball vs. Disco Inferno

MP3 Download Page Here:

PS. Next week's post I am REALLY looking forward to. Another challenge, this time set by me good friend Butch Rosser out in the US of A, which has led to possibly one of my most exciting Colatron tracks yet. Can't stop hammering it on the playlist, and apparently, Butch likes! In the words of Shaw Taylor, "Keep 'em peeled..."

1 comment:

Bobby Martini said...

I forgot to mention to you that this track was a personal highlight for me from Scott's 100th show.
I also have it on very good authority that 'HATTIE' thought it was rather spendid also !!!!