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Saturday, 5 July 2008

Give the Robots Their Liberty

Here's a quick one whilst I scan my musical brain for the next track.

This one originally came about when I first grabbed a hold of the Liberty X acapella a few months back. I was testing a few things out and this made the final list of tracks that could work; eventually this was pushed to the side whilst I worked on and released "Liberty Bell" instead, but when putting together my guest slot for Ramdom Thoughts, I was after an exlcusive track to play and instead of starting from scratch, I thought I'd be lazy and revisit this one.

The actual placing of the Liberty X vocal didn't take too long at all; no, the main amount of time was spent on scouring the internet for suitable robot samples! They're harder to come by than I imagined! I think I did ok in the end though, with some random ones, a touch of R2D2, some Cylon madness, and the dude from Lost in Space. I had to stop myself from adding a dose of my fave robot of all time though, the no-sh*t droid with 'tude, Twiki from Buck Rogers.

Good old Kraftwerk too, a million years ahead of their time.

Give the Robots Their Liberty

Kraftwerk vs. Liberty X
The Robots vs. Just a Little

MP3 Download Page Here:

Right, I'm off out shopping - I'm out of WD-40...

See you all next week no doubt

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