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Friday, 18 July 2008

Hustlin' Love

Well, I had to get one more in before the Leona backlash takes hold. Within the space of one week since posting my Coldplay mash with Leona, I have literally seen a dozen or more Leona mashes floating around on the boards, and it seems that everyone is getting sick of it! Not since the heady days of every other boot being a Destiny's Child mash, or Eminem, or Michael Jackson have I seen such an influx of different takes on one track.

As a result, I've decided to put a halt to the other 4 or 5 versions I was working on for fear of my flat being mobbed by Leona haters (who could be such a person?!), which is a real shame if only as I had two old school techno tracks going with this, that would have been worth the price of admission for the pun/titles alone...both were promising, although quite out of key, and instead of spending the next 3 months fiddling with pitch, I thought I'd sack it off and stick to this one. If you really want to know what I was planning, leave me a comment - you won't believe me when I tell you!

A quick 5 minute mash (he says having had it sat on his PC since last Saturday....sigh....too many nights out, not enough time!) this shows Leona should have been a disco diva instead of Cowell's patsy.

An instant idea in my head, although admittedly I was planning on using Van McCoy for something else - I'm fairly hopefully both are in the key of Fmajor so hopefully this will be more palatable to a few peeps.

It was good while it lasted Leona... I still love ya...

Hustlin' Love

Van McCoy vs. Leona Lewis (w/ Diana Ross)
The Hustle vs. Bleeding Love

MP3 Download Page Here

Still working on that MP3 Preview thingey! Anyone got any ideas...drop me a line.

And next week...a definite change of pace. The next track I'm just finishing is straight out of (Compton?) the words of the great Shaw Taylor - "Keep 'em peeled"

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