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Tuesday, 24 March 2009

The Dancing Girls

After coming down to Earth, following the release of Welcome To My World (see below - described by DJ Brother Darkness as "the full-length mix of the far" - if you don't own a copy yet, shame on you!), I needed to make something unashamedly pop to get the ambient techincal twiddlings out of my head.

What better place to start with than the most obvious coupling you'll probably hear all year. Yep - I sold out and made a Lady Gaga mash....sorry.

The Dancing Girls

Calvin Harris - The Girls (i)
Lady Gaga - Just Dance (a)

Right-click save
The Dancing Girls

Back to ambient normality next week!


Bobby Martini said...

The perfect match - The perfect mash.

They fit like a glove and all the other cliches.

Probably the best GAGA mash yet !!

Still, I haven't done mine yet LOL


Unknown said...

Behave yourself WISH you were this