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Thursday, 21 June 2012

The Mashup Culture vol. 2 - compilation

OK - another massive treat for all you mashup fans. Today sees the release of the summer-tastic sequel to this year's Mashup Culture compilation album from the boys at Featuring a multitude of some of the biggest name producers on the scene including

Fissunix, Elocnep, Laura B, Amoraboy, DJ Schmolli, ComaR, DeeM, DJ MagicBaron, ViC, Jarod Ripley, Basic Physics, MashMike, ToTom, Chocomang, DJ Athom, DJ's From Mars, DRA'man, Kellys Sevlac, KrazyBen, Mighty Mike, The Bootleague, Sebwax and the legendary Loo & Placido.

And me.

Grab or listen to the album at

Mashup Culture Vol. 2 at the

And here's the preview of my track, which you can currently only download by grabbing the album

To Be Sweet With You

Edvin Marton - Bitter Sweet Symphony
Mr. Big - To Be With You
The Verve - Bitter Sweet Symphony

Best enjoyed in the sun with an ice cold alcoholic beverage. Santé mes amis!

1 comment:

Dr.Flay said...

Any chance you can host a copy of the album ? a google drive link would do